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We recently joined forces with Multifamily Masters to provide more value to our current and future members. Multifamily Masters has expanded world-wide to create a community of like-minded professionals. Our goal is to help meet each individual’s real estate investment goals, specifically in the commercial real estate space.

The purpose of "MFM-Passive Income in Commercial Real Estate for Busy Professionals" is to empower investors of all experience levels to gain tools and knowledge to acquire commercial real estate investments with syndication model (group investing).

We have formed strategic partnerships with experienced Investors and Operators in Bay Area and out of state in high growth, stable cash flowing markets who will share their experience and expertise on how to participate in their offerings that are not open to the public.

Typically Real Estate Investment Groups have an emphasis on flipping or turnkey, but passive investing for Busy Professional in commercial is often thought of as complicated, time consuming, unfamiliar, and the territory of large institutions rather than individuals. We see commercial real estate as an opportunity to utilize economies of scale, capital preservation and offset some market-based economic risk along with providing a cash flow dividends. You can diversify right away into commercial investments outside of the stock market and acquiring single family homes, if they know what to look for and what questions to ask.

The group will focus on education to simplify investing into commercial real estate deals and how to invest passively. We will meet to discuss current trends in commercial assets such as hotels, multifamily, office, retail, development and other opportunities available to grow your real estate portfolio.

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