Price: $29.50 /per person
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So I'm walking down the street right? Deep in thought... and I'm saying to myself - "Self, I need something different, something big, something exciting to celebrate my birthday week. Now how am I gonna do this?? There's gotta be a way!!

So I walk some more right? And I'm just shaking my head - "Man, can I just catch a break some kinda way? I mean I really wanna do something special, something to score some points.. but what?? Then it hits me -literally!

These guys were playing b-ball right? And the ball rebounded off the rim .....and conked me right on the forehead. Boinggg!! I almost got a shiner! Luckily no harm done, but it 'knocked' an idea into my head! It came to me....

Why not do a Sixers night??? With ABC's even....Action, B-ball, Competition...Antics, Beer, Candy....hotdogs, ice cream, popcorn!!! Maybe even paparazzi and a few Hollywood celebs?!?!

So I went searching down the Sixers calendar and Voila!! They ACTUALLY have a game against Orlando Magic the night before my birthday.....and seats are available!

Led by young stars including Evan Turner, Nick Young, and 2013 All-Star Jrue Holiday, the Sixers are looking to shake things up in the Eastern Conference and build wins for future playoff positioning. A great time to watch the action and see it happen!

So now, here's the invitation to join me and Val for SIXERS NIGHT!


We caught a super deal! For just $29.50 you get a seat (not floor seats, of course..they're in Tier 2 - but still a great deal)...

treats...a hot dog, some popcorn, and soda to wash the stuff down -- and added bonus.... a pre-game meet-and-greet with

Sixers' Dream Team AND Flight Squad members.

So it's gotta be 1st come, 1st served!

The 1st 3 Seekers with payment will be the lucky ones to go!


Will-call opens: 4:30 p.m. Meet-and-greet begins: 5 p.m. Doors open: 6 p.m. Tip-off: 7 p.m.

And get this...extra added bonus....I get to see my nephew Jameer Nelson, former St Joe alumnus play with The Magic!

Imagine that!

Now.... I'm a little torn about whom exactly to cheer for, hmmm. Wait, not really!

We all come out winners!!

So come on out and help me celebrate...catch some exciting action...

and scream till your voice goes kaput!!


(Sorry Jameer)