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Past Life Exploration with Healing
Greetings! We hope you will join us for an afternoon of Past Life Soul Exploration and Healing. At this gathering, you will be guided to see, understand and if need be, heal any emotional energetic patterns with people or situations in your life that may be hindering your soul growth. Healing and clearing this energy can be transformational with challenging relationships and situations in our lives. In this workshop you will be led through guided meditations that will help you access your past life memories and if needed, clear out and release any possible energy blocks and relationship issues. You will learn how to access your Past Lives on your own, and also learn this uncomplicated and highly effective method for healing any hindering past life patterns brought forward. We are all naturally able to facilitate our own healing, it's just a matter of remembering how. We look forward to seeing you there! Pay in advance to receive the discounted fee of $25.00 here: Fee goes up to $30 at the door. Sharon Sananda has a successful practice as a Psychic Medium in the Portland area. She has been helping clients with connection to their past lives, facilitating healing through past life soul energy integration since 2004. Visit for more information about Sharon.

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