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Please make sure to completely read the event descriptions before you RSVP.

These guided past life regression workshops are divided into two sections: The first part of every workshop involves guiding you to a past lifetime, gathering information through that life, including the time your soul ends that incarnation. You will then be guided to understand the lessons of that life and how it connects to this current lifetime. Your soul is wise enough to choose which lifetime is appropriate for you to explore.

The second part is a guided visualization, these meditations change monthly. These are shorter in length but still beneficial. Some of these guided meditations have involved future life progression, meeting your spiritual guides, meeting your angels, healing and communicating with your body.

On occasion you will get the chance to watch a live session demonstration with a group volunteer. If you wish to volunteer for this regression, you need to attend one of the group sessions first.

This year we also offer live online regression groups for your convenience, these are payable in advance through PayPal. This is the same setup offered in the regular meetup.

A group past life regression is an affordable way of experiencing a past-life. In Toronto, the average price for private past-life regression therapy ranges from $180 to over $400 for a 2 hour session. You can still gather quite a lot of information and details within a guided group past life regression setting before you decide to invest in a private session.

To learn more about one of the many techniques that I use watch this video about QHHT done by one of my colleagues. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c61crIBlCRQ


The main goal for the group is to share our interest in past lives, including future and parallel lives in this or any dimension within the holographic universe, multiverse and omniverse.

We will go beyond experiencing our past lives with group regression to exploring our unlimited consciousness with guided visualizations. The use of hypnosis techniques help the mind connect with our own inner source of wisdom.

Please be aware that the view that we only incarnate in human form and only within this planet may be challenged. This is something I have found through my own regression work and can be corroborated by other regression hypnotists and researchers, including Mary Rodwell, Barbara Lamb and one of my many teachers, the late Dolores Cannon.

Your Guide: Marie DeBarros is a Certified Past-Life Regression Therapist, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) facilitator, and NGH Certified Hypnotist with over fifteen years experience. Private sessions online or in person available. I have a substantial discount on QHHT sessions to assist those on their spiritual path, this discount ends at the end of 2017.

NOTE: To make it easier, we now take registrations with PayPal when you RSVP to ensure your seat, or you can pay in cash at the door. Please make sure to read the event description before you RSVP.

Last minute cancels and no shows will not be tolerated in the in person workshops.

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