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Pineal Gland Activation Workshop

120 Hampton Ave.

If you have never practice meditation this a great opportunity to stimulate your ESP ( Extra Sensorial Perception) As Physicist Russell Targ, who had done extensive research, experiments and breakthroughs in Stanford Research Institute for over 40 plus years, had stated " With a proper stimulation and practice to quiet the mind everyone can have out of body experience". You can access to higher levels of conciousness. Also, If you already practice meditation this workshop can enhance your perception or have an amazing experience. This workshop is 3 techniques combined in 1 session: Light Level Hypnosis, Pandora Light Frequency, Singing Bowls High Frequencies. The benefits list is extensive from Sleep cycle regulation Dopamine release Alpha state brain waves or meditation Oxitocin release Joyful, gratitude, inner peace, happyness Serotonin release Stress, anxiety, worry levels drop down Endorphins neurotransmitters stimulation. And for many it could be an out of body experience. Come and book your session of "Pineal Gland Activation" this Sunday October 20 . In a Group $40 or Individual private $70 session. PM to book your session. Requisites: Bring comfortable clothes pants. Sleep well the night before 7-8 hours. Eat at least 2 hours minimum before session. Avoid caffeine drinks, alcohol or recreational drugs. For booking text at[masked]. Sessions began at 4:45 and 7:45. Session length approx 1 hour. The only people who DON'T qualify for this workshop is if you had a seizures or PTSD or had traumatic experience with guns. See More

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