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Join us for an evening of high adventure role playing and rules-based combat. The Assassin's Guild is a secret society for those who wish to adventure without the racial and alignment restrictions of Pathfinder Society. Play is based on standard first edition PFS scenarios except you get to intervene! Your only goal is to thwart the Society's ideologues, hired mercenaries and vigilantes. Set an ambush, beat them to the goal, or just tackle the problem head on!

All races, classes and items are allowed, except characters of Good alignment, and no black powder. Bring a 1st level character using 20-Point High Fantasy point buy and 500gp starting wealth, or a PFS-legal character of non-good alignment and appropriate level for the scenario. Assassin's Guild Rewards will not advance PFS characters.

The Guild plays in a persistent world, so your actions will pave the way for those assassins who follow in your footsteps. You may buy property, start a business, or even build an evil lair! Join us now to become a founding member of The Guild. As always, membership has its privileges.

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