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Impeach Obama Overpass Demo - Miramar Airshow

This Meetup is past

30 people went


This event is an Impeach-Obama demo on an overpass in San Diego near the Miramar Air Show. We may be close enough to record some video of the aircraft in our clip of the event. We have a lot of signs made already. No need to bring a sign, unless you want to. Flags are also useful.

Parking is plentiful on the East side of the overpass where there is a small shopping/business center. If you can, avoid parking near a busy business. Park towards the back, where there are many free spaces and you will not be likely to be much noticed. Click on the location above for a map.

We want to have a large turnout for this event, because it will challenge other such protest groups across the country to try to out-do us.

The reasons for the demand for removal are violation of his oath of office, abuse of power, ineligibility for the office he holds, trampling of the Constitution, illegal drone wars, which have killed thousands, illegal wars in Libya and Syria, targeted killings of American citizens without due process, unprecedented surveillance/other attacks on civil liberties, etc.

The Blue Angels won't perform this year due to budget cuts, but in their place will be the civilian, Patriots Jet Team. We should be able to include parts of their show as a backdrop to the video of our protest.

This is our last demo in Oceanside on the day that Obama gave a speech at Camp Pendleton. The YouTube clip of our little protest got about twice as many hits as those posted of his speech did, combined. LoL!