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One of the main reasons the state of Washington is considered "blue" is because regular, hard-working, family-loving, church-going folks are demoralized and feel outnumbered by the soft, God-less elites of places like Seattle and King County. So the regular folks don't bother voting.

But the elites don't outnumber the regular folks. The elites are just louder, so they appear bigger. But there are far more salt-of-the-earth Patriots in the State of Washington than there are elites.

Patriots of Washington (POW) aims to "re-moralize" the hard-working, naturally conservative folks who keep our communities running. We will do this by creating events. Events that are a joy to attend.

The Mission of Patriots of Washington is to throw parties. Fun parties. Entertaining parties. Family-friendly parties. Enjoyable, congenial, get-to-know-your-neighbor gatherings of salt-of-the-earth folks, across the State of Washington.

At POW events we celebrate family and faith and law and order and we show gratitude to the people who do the heavy lifting in our communities. We promote local art and industry. And Patriotic candidates who are running for office at every level. And the people who love them.

POW events will feature science and technological projects from local schools. And the latest in mechanical wizardry from local industry and agriculture.

Typical agenda for a POW event:
Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance
Auction of local crafts or services
Showcase of local industry or education
Live Music
Candidate speeches

POW will always try to provide childcare at events. Our childcare staff will always be vetted by a prominent local church.

Who should join Patriots of Washington?
Join POW if you can wear one or more of these hats:
- Venue scouting
- Line up local pastors per event
- Line up local childcare per event
- Line up entertainment and exhibits per event
- Solicit event sponsors
- Find local items to auction
- Line up political candidates to speak at events
- Advertise/promote events
- Audio and video tech during events, and post-production

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