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We live in a time of great technological advancement. It is changing every aspect of our lives. Scientific & R&D part of a humanity are innovating new technologies at a rapid pace and are changing ourselves as we adapt. The very notion of Human, Human Identity and Human Nature are changing. What's Your place in all that and how can You be the part of a technological ascendance ?

The "old" questions are :

The jobs we do are now different from the jobs that our Grandparents did, and the jobs our children will do will be different from the jobs we do today. The internet gives us unprecedented access to information. Computing put powerful tools in our pockets that allow us access to good information on a daily basis. Drones vacuum our floors and drop bombs in war zones. Lifestyle enhancing drugs and nutraceuticals are taken daily by people wanting to be smarter, healthier, stronger or faster. Automation is destroying jobs at a fantastic clip, while our policymakers are out of touch with the rapid changes. The sharing economy is altering the way we do business creating massive sales channels that enrich a few while spreading out access to labor that didn't exist before.

And the new questions are replacing the "old" ones :

Miniaturization opened up a new world of technical possibilities, and nanotechnology is opening even more. Biotechnology and computing are converging. We have mind-machine interfaces. How can we completely move into the computer network and simulation to become multipresent, ageless, virtually indestructible, teleportable, have a full mind backups, coud be uploaded into a robotic and nanotechnological bodies, slow down the inner "subjective" time of a system.

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