What we're about

• When I started this group in 2013, my main goal was to share the positive mental & emotional benefits of this physical expression & physical movement that you are forced to go though (& WANT TO go through) with the hoop.

No shrink or medication ever made me feel so enlightened & personally peaceful as I have learned to be & have become by simply hooping.

Even the mistakes & fails teach you how to be more understanding, strong, & more positively motivated in so many areas of your life.

I've learned this time & time again, both personally & by the so many beautiful students that have changed their lives through Peace Hoops, into being happy, fulfilled, self confident & have found inner peace. At times when they didn't think it was possible.

Join Peace Hoops for the Fun & Fitness, but also as a stress release which is designed to help people find more mental & emotional peace by sharing this amazing way to learn, feel, grow & flow physically!!!

Watch one of our classes. (http://www.fios1news.com/lowerhudsonvalley/fitness-fridays-hula-hoop-workout%20#.VV-U0_lViko)

• This group for anyone that is already in love with or is interested in the Art of Hoopdance.

• For Fun or for Fitness, we have classes in Rockland County for hoopers of all skill levels.

• We also have get-together's for all Flow Artists to meet new people, have fun sharing, learning & making new friends.

• Not ALL classes are posted here but I will figure out how to get the right class schedules to the right people.

• Please help me by either sending me an email or message on what it is you specifically are looking to get out of this meetup group, because not all are posted here as to not bombard you with emails that you aren't interested in.

• But, of course, everyone is welcome to join any meet-up they want.

• Private Lessons are Still Available.

• Here are links to the Peace Hoops (http://peacehoops.com/index.html) website, and our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/Peacehoops).

• We sometimes change to other locations, so if you have a suggestion, Please share it, we're all in it together!

• If you do have any suggestions or have something you want to share for people to attend, please add a suggestion so we can do more!

• I want to reach out to as many people as we possibly can.

• We provide Professional, Custom Made Hoops to use during class, & also sell Professional Adult Size Hoops, made to order.

We keep most materials in stock, from thicker, heavier tubing, best used for beginners, with Gaffer (Grip) Tape to help the hoop "stick" to your body, to ultra light-weight Poly-Pro Hoops, made to your specifications.

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Hoop Dance Class

Gene Levy Park

Hoop Dance Class

Gene Levy Park

Hoop Dance Class

Gene Levy Park

Hoop Dance Class

Gene Levy Park

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