What we're about

The PeaceTech Movement is all about learning how to change the world in a positive way without harming or deceiving anyone. We believe there are 7 Key Skills required for succeeding in this world:

1. Accelerated Learning - How to choose which skills to invest in, learn quickly and effectively, selectively retain information, and recall it when you need it the most.

2. Meditation - The science of training the mind for focus, joy, tranquility, and healing.

3. Communication - The process of understanding others and operating harmoniously to achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

4. Leadership - The process of self-improvement and personal growth that allows a person to inspire others and add value to the world.

5. MegaProject Management - The planning, organizing, and execution of 'vision': create a clear picture of the lifestyle you want to have and identify the habits required to create the life you want.

6. Community Organizing - Effectively communicating an ideal vision of reality to large groups of people in order to mobilize and unite their efforts behind a single goal.

7. Financing & Fundraising - Recruiting investors to fund a project or pooling resources from a community you seek to improve.

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