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WEEKLY REIKI HEALING CIRCLE at "Retomando el Sendero" School of Reiki
People from all walks of life, all socioeconomic classes, political divisions, cultural and religious backgrounds, come together to share in the giving and receiving of healing energy. You might meet together as strangers, and then after only one hour, you’ve bonded through a mutual exchange and respect for a force that is much greater than each individual. We come together And meet in the heart of silence, Around the world Radiant With healing energy... Our vision planted... The essence of healing energy Gently aligning... As we are consumed In fires of love We become the torch Whose flames warm all... Dwelling in the heart of silence We go beyond even this... To carry our vision Into the world. It is powerful energy medicine and lights all paths... It surrounds us as a cloak. In these sacred moments Born in the heart of our circle, Expanding... Giving birth to itself In love and compassion. I am a scribe for its words. Let us drink from the cup together With love and vision... Beyond time and space... Flowing outward On wings Of infinite compassion... We are one Yet many, Working together In love... by Songbird Reiki Precepts Just for today, I will live with the Attitude of Gratitude Just for today, I will not worry Just for today, I will not anger Just for today, I will do my work honestly Just for today, I will show Love and respect for every living thing A mystical path to creating happiness. A spiritual remedy for all afflictions. Center your heart, mind and voice. Well being for the spirit and body. Founder, Mikao Usui (1865-1926) Love donations accepted For more information contact: Elizabeth Velez or Jaime Arévalo at (954) 543-7266 or Se habla Español

"Retomando el Sendero" School of Reiki

7614 NW 71st Ave. · TAMARAC, FL

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Public Group

Organization formed for Motivation, Awakening of Consciousness, Evolution and Empowerment of the Human Being in the Journey of Growth and Search for Oneness through Love, Inner Peace, Personal Development, Physical and Spiritual Healing.

Interested in creating an awakening of consciousness, evolution, wellness and personal and professional development. Transform life and promote growth and search for the oneness of human beings through the love that leads us to a spiritual and physical healing. Using academic training and experience in a natural and holistic way through Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki, Native American teachings, Nutrition, Spirituality and Personal Awakening, and other tools and techniques to develop wellbeing within a conscious lifestyle that gives us inner peace that can irradiate to the entire planet. Knowing who we are and what our purpose in life is.

You're not here accidentally, but in a very meaningful way. There is a purpose behind you.
"It is love that brought you here."
"It is love that you came on this trip."
"Love is what gives you every opportunity to change everything."

"If you will not hold any concept, thing or ideology, it will be easy to discover where are truth and reality." – Anthony de Mello

Follow your heart...

No estás aquí accidentalmente, sino de una manera muy significativa. Hay un propósito detrás de ti.
“Es Amor lo que te ha traído hasta aquí."
"Es Amor lo que te acompaña en este viaje."
"Es Amor lo que te brinda cada oportunidad para cambiarlo todo."
" Si no te agarras a ningún concepto, cosa o ideología, te será fácil descubrir donde estan la verdad y la realidad." : Anthony de Mello
Sigue tu Corazón…

Você não está aqui por acaso, mas de forma muito significativa. Há um propósito por trás de você.
"É o Amor que te trouxe aqui."
"O amor é o que eu vim nesta viagem."
"É o amor que lhe dá todas as oportunidades para mudar tudo. "
"Se você nao se segurar a qualquer conceito, coisa, ou ideologia, você pode facilmente descobrir onde está a verdade e realidade." Anthony de Mello
Siga seu coração ...

Retaking the Path…Peaceful Ways

We may drift:
find your path.

We may become distracted:
pay attention.

We may fall asleep:
wake up.

We may lock our doors and windows:
open your heart and mind.

We may lock ourselves up:
take a chance through the open doors of your life…….

Retomando el Sendero ...Senderos de Paz

Es posible que vayamos a la deriva:
Encontremos el camino.

Es posible que nos distraigamos:
Prestemos atención.

Es posible que nos quedemos dormidos:

Es posible que cerremos puertas y ventanas:
Abramos el corazón y la mente.

Es posible que nos encerremos:
Arriesguémonos a través de las puertas abiertas de la vida .......

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