What we're about

What Is Our Meetup's Purpose?

The Peak Business Referral Networking Meetup has been set up to allow business professionals and business owners to promote their businesses through business networking in a way that is traditional but with a twist that allows it to be results driven, educational, and fun. Our Meetups are focused on providing the attendees a clear return on investment when it comes to their time and gaining great new business opportunities. We want our visitors and members to be excited to attend our Meetups on a regular basis. When you come to our Meetup whether it is a weekly Meetup or a after hours special Meetup, you will get the best of all key aspects of a great networking event: new connections, new business opportunities, a chance to share your story, training on how to be a better networker, and a friendly and inviting format that works for all attendees

Who Attends Our Meetups & Who Should Join?

Our Meetup gives both female and male business owners, general business professionals, service professionals, home based business owners and the self-employed professionals a place to meet with others like themselves who want to build their personal networks, create meaningful results, and find great referral partners.

The professionals that attend our Meetups know the value of giving before they receive, so they will be more than willing to help you gain new contacts, new business opportunities, and find success as a result of attending our Meetup. The groups are always very open and friendly. We welcome-professionals in both the business to business space and business to consumers space.

What Makes Our Meetup Different?

Real Value & Proven Results! We know coming to a Meetup or going to a business networking event can be time consuming and we know your time is valuable.

Our Meetups are all about providing real value and real results to the attendees. Our Meetup is friendly, fun, and all about giving you the opportunity to find great new business referral partners and create lasting friendships right away. Additionally, our meeting format allows for new attendees to gain real value at your first meeting. We use a proven agenda and format that allows people to maximize what they get out of our hour-long meeting. It always amazes us when people say they have been to other business networking Meetups, and then go on to say that are is best. See for yourself why so many people love the way we conduct our Meetup, and why so many people come back each week.

What Stands Out for Most New People That Attend Our Meetups?

The meeting format is organized and run like no other business networking Meetup they have seen. It is a combination of traditional business networking along with information. education/training, and activities that make it really easy for anyone (including people who have never been to a Meetup or have never tired business networking) to really enjoy it and find value right away. We want the business professionals who come to our meetings to walk away with new business opportunities the first Meetup they come to and then do the same at all of our Meetups in the future.

Make Our Meetup A Key to Your Business Success Story:

Having good business connections is key to business success. Our Meetup is focused on and dedicated to helping you and other business people like you make real connections, develop great business relationships, and grow their business. Additionally, are Meetups include an educational and training aspect which will allow you to become a better networker and provide a variety of value-added opportunities to learn and grow your skills.

Why go it alone when you can attend one of our Meetups and find business professionals who want to work together to help each other’s businesses grow!

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