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Dear list members,

I would like to invite you to the Market Technicians Association (MTA) UK Chapter Monthly Meeting
featuring Robin Griffiths - ECU Group - Global Macro Team, Chief Technical Strategist
Robin is one of the most senior Technical Analysts in the UK with over 48 years of experience
and places heavy emphasis on fundamental and long term cycles.

He is the author of "Mapping the Markets"

You could see a past interview at Bloomberg

SPEAKER: Robin Griffiths
DATE: 17th of October 2013, 18:30
VENUE: CMC Markets, 133 Houndsditch Street, EC3A 7BX

> How can I get the details of the event ?
You can download the brochure from

> How can I register to be on the guest list and/or get the powerpoint slides ?
The event is free to attend, but requires registration.
contact Alex Spiroglou: alex @

> Could I invite a friend / colleague to come along ?
Of course. If you have any friend / colleague
that may be interested in attending as well,
feel free to invite them,
but please provide me with their details (name & email)

In addition I would also like to draw your attention to the following announcements:

(i) UK Chapter June Monthly Meeting:
Here is the video of the interview with Colin McLean - SVM Asset Management, Founder & Managing Director (

(ii) MTA Marketing Partners
TRADERS Magazine - (

kindest regards
Alex Spiroglou
Founding Chairman - MTA London Chapter ( )
International Advisory Board Member - MTA Educational Foundation ( )
Founder - Trader Training & Development ( )
Instructor - BPP Professional Development ( )
LinkedIn -
Skype - TraderTD

1.1> What is the MTA ?
The MTA is the largest non-for-profit Technical Analysis Association globally
(more than 4500 members in 85 countires).
In the UK we have a Chapter and are running Monthly Meetings

1.2> How can I learn more about the MTA ?
You can watch the following short video


2.1> What are the 3 Benefits of an MTA Membership ?
The three main benefits of an MTA membership are:
a. Designation (CMT Examination)
b. Education
c. Networking

2.2> what are the services offered by the MTA website ?


3.1> what is the value of the CMT examination ?

3.2> What is the structure of the CMT examination ?

3.3> How can I get detailed info about the CMT examination ?

4. > Benefit 2: EDUCATION

These are the 9 sources of education for an MTA member:

-> 2.1 Student Newsletter

-> 2.2 Knowledge Base

-> 2.3 Educational Webcasts

-> 2.4 Podcasts

-> 2.5 Journal of Technical Analysis

-> 2.6 CMT Newsletter

-> 2.7 MTA Library

-> 2.8 Technically Speaking Newsletter


5. > Benefit 3: NETWORKING

-> 5.1 UK Chapter Monthly Meetings
Who presents to the MTA (UK Chapter) Meetings ?
Institutional Traders & Analysts (banks, hedge funds)
come to present their trading and analysis techniques.
The Monthly Meetings are free to attend.

-> 5.1 UK Chapter Monthly Meetings
What are the benefits of attending the Monthly Meetings ?
- Educational content (learn new market strategies)
- Networking opportunities (meet people in the industry and exchange business details)
- The events are free to attend (even for non members).

-> 5.2 Career Development Centre

-> 5.3 Charles Dow Award ($5,000)