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Jesus hung out a lot with those broken, alone and afraid. He helps bring our shame and failures out of the darkness and into the light to rescue us.

This is a social and support group for Christian women going through separation, divorce or who have experienced abuse within their marriages and desire Christian healing in community.

Our group is a safe place for you to restore your joy by connecting with other strong women going through similar life seasons and heal together within a survivor community. Our community will offer you much needed validation, love and support and we ask that you give back the same type of support that you will receive from others.

It takes a community to raise a child: Our community is also available to help those of us who have become widowed, whether it's through separation or divorce, raise our children within a strong network of support. Often times women in abusive relationships are isolated away from family and left abandoned in separate states to care for their children alone or often times face difficult custody battles with men further trying to hurt and destroy them by using their children. When women who survive such abuse come together in unity it makes us that much stronger to face the challenges ahead.

In this group we follow God's word, and strive daily to live out our walk as Christ followers, this doesn't mean we are perfect as we navigate through the difficult healing of trauma for ourselves and our children but we must follow Christ to the best of our ability while being apart of this group and set a strong example for other women who we will be supporting. It is okay to lovingly hold eachother accountable for actions that may go against God's word, but doing so with love, non judgement and no criticism towards eachother. To know you're not alone in your struggles will do wonders for your healing and growth.

Our group is confidential and what is heard or said in the group should not be discussed with others. Gossip, cliques, negativity, and bashing of any kind will not be tolerated, if this occurs you will be removed from the group. We also reserve the right to remove a member from the group for any reason we believe necessary for the support and protection of the group.

Pearls of York County is a self help support group and not run by a licensed professional, therefore we are not responsible for the groups content nor liable for any decision you make in your or your family's or personal life.

What we do: Our group is a place where we can socialize, post and attend events, enjoy time spent together and find renewed joy while enduring the chaos of this difficult season of life. We will encourage eachother, and pray together while focusing on our healing.

Each week we will focus on a different topic to help educate you and assist you with your healing journey.

We will initially meet biweekly for the first couple of months to socialize, have some fun and get to know eachother. Each bi-weekly meeting we will share an encouraging scripture with eachother and pray together before enjoying a two hour time of fun.

Some of the fun things we will have planned when meeting together is:

A mani/pedi night

Girls night in

Girls night out

Game night

Movie or dinner night (in or outside the home)

Day of hiking and taking in the beauty of nature

Any other fun social ideas we can think of as a group

We will also post support events where if one of our women needs help, we can come together and help support her, whether it's things such as helping her clean, help her fix something that broke (if we know how) to fix it or babysit.

God commands us to protect and care for orphans and widows (Psalm 82:3). We should not view caring for orphans and widows as simply a command from God we must fulfill “or else.” There is tremendous blessing in serving and standing up for orphans and widows. In considering what our own attitude should be toward the orphans and widows around us, it’s helpful to remember that all of us were adopted into God’s family through Jesus Christ (Ephesians 1:3–7) and betrothed to Christ (Ephesians 5:32; Revelation 19:7). It is our joy and privilege to partner with God in loving, serving, and protecting the orphans and widows among us.

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