What we're about

You are warmly invited to join our collective of people deeply committed to authenticity and personal growth. The members of our gathering are eager to welcome those looking to explore, heal, and develop themselves in a supportive, safe community. Long time PSN graduates have profoundly transformed their lives using this free, therapeutic forum. You can too!
JOIN IF… · You feel frustrated, lost, stuck, or disappointed in life · You want to free your authentic self · You hold a value for honesty, openness, insight, personal growth, and connection with others PSN is a peer-based, therapeutic community grounded in the belief that each person can best direct their own healing and development. PSN uses simple, time-tested methods for growth in the context of a supportive, confidential community. It fosters self-examination, self-expression, self-acceptance, and self-responsibility. You will also learn valuable tools for listening and for supporting others.

Stress management and achieving goals: through highly interactive learning, participants apply stress management training tools for getting more of what’s important out of life!
This helps controlling information overload that leads to stressing anxiety, tools for staying calm and focus despite uncertainty, mastering choice and control of feelings, reduce stress through taking charge, and improve listening skills and being heard

What it is:
Three words: discharge, validation, and taking charge of your life
Is for healthy people seeking change
Promises aware caring attention for each person – active listening
You identify Own area of work – self-directed work
Completely confidential
Facilitate greater self-awareness of patterned behaviors and feelings
It is given that each person is perfectly competent, capable, and knows what’s best for themselves
Emphasizes mutual regard and punctuality
Stresses intentional aware choices around socializing relationships and sex

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