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This group is for anyone who experienced the trauma of someone they loved and trusted turning abusive, and who is still in excruciating pain as a result.

One of the most damaging aspects of emotional abuse is that shame tends to isolate people behind a wall of silence, with many being too embarrassed to share their stories with relatives and friends.

In addition, many well-meaning friends tell victims that they don't want to hear the name of their abusive ex again, thinking that this will help their friends "move on". As a result survivors often end up feeling even lonelier than they felt in the abusive relationship, and some relapse. Others learn how to hide their pain, but the effort adds to their burden, and makes the process of recovery even more difficult.

This group is for both men and women who want to share their stories and feel heard, not only as a means to release the pain, but also as a means to receive and offer peer support, to aid their process of recovery.

This is not a group counselling group, but I trained as a counsellor and I emerged from a traumatic relationship as a stronger person.

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