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As we strengthen ourselves we strengthen the pack!

The Wolfpack Division is a social sports club under Pendulum Fitness that provides a platform to facilitate healthier lifestyle changes in a social and fun manner. Lose some weight, make some friends, and increase your athleticism with a variety events. We utilize some of the New Jersey's most beautiful parks and recreation grounds.

We're about achieving a healthier you the only tried and true way. Through hard work, dedication, and lifestyle change. We're not here to sell you magic pills and potions. We're not pushing quick 21 day fixes that end up only lasting 21 days. We are here to facilitate a platform for changes now and for the future.

With the wolfpack division there is no registration, contracts, or commitments. You simply sign up for the events you would like to attend. Any special requirements or prerequisites will always be stated in the event description.

Whether you're a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, looking for a pick up game, or simply want to get off the couch and lose a few pounds, this group is the right fit for you. Have you been wanting to do a mud or obstacle run? Try a new sport for the first time? Or maybe just shake off the rust? With both competitive and recreational events being held, there will be plenty of opportunities for any level of fitness or desired challenge.

OCRT Series: Formulated to prepare athletes for the obstacle sections of the obstacle course races. They will consist of both conditioning and technique segments that can be modified on the go for both beginners and veterans.

HIIT Series: Time is the number 1 excuse for not working out. With high intensity interval training significant results can be achieved with minimal time commitment. There is a difference between working out and actually getting a workout. This program is designed to achieve results focusing on what counts and eliminate the wasted time traveling to a gym and waiting for machines. All exercises require minimum equipment and that equipment is provided in most cases.

Pack Run Series: Will be comprised of both Steady - State runs and Interval Sprint runs to prepare athletes for the running portions of the races.

Back 2 Basics Series: Specialized for absolute beginners looking to learn simple fundamental aspects of a conventional workout. Nothing flashy or complex, just simple time proven exercises that can be done by anyone, anywhere, and with a minimal learning curve.

Recreational Series: Encompasses a wide range of sports and fitness oriented activities for all level athletes that will provide a social platform to stay active and partake in some friendly competition. While most events will just be for fun, tournaments will be held for those that seek more serious competition and a chance to win prizes and bragging rights.

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