Modern architecture of distributed data stores

Peninsula NoSQL Meetup
Peninsula NoSQL Meetup
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6.30 - 7.00: Doors open, socializing (food, beverages, thanks to MarkLogic!)
7.00 - 8.00: Talk
8.00 - 8.30: Q&A


Over the past years, there has been significant progress in both the science and practical implementations of such data stores. In his talk Dan Larkin will introduce the audience to some of the needed ingredients, address the difficulties of their interplay and show four modern approaches of distributed open-source data stores (ArangoDB, Cassandra, Cockroach and RethinkDB).

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Dan Larkin is a theoretician turned practitioner. In his academic career, he worked for about seven years to design, analyze, implement, and experimentally evaluate a number of complex and novel data structures. He turned to the start-up world for a change of pace, where, frustrated with many of the NoSQL and graph database offerings he had attempted to use over the years, he found ArangoDB. He dropped what he was doing to join the ArangoDB team and has been happily working on the database internals ever since.

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