What we're about

Hello, we are simply people that like to run. We maintain this page for YOU to find people to run with. If you don't see a meetup you like, and want to run somewhere, post one! We want to promote running as a sport and a healthy activity for our community. There may be periods of slower activity due to extreme heat or cold. Come out and join the groups when you can. If you see no runs you can make or want to explore a new area feel free to post a meetup, and if you're a regular, we'll be happy to make you an organizer so that you can help promote running in the community!

Each meet is different, because all people are different, however, we generally meet and greet and then people typically split into groups to set their own pace or pair off with someone running close to their level. We also attempt to meet up at the end and see people off, some routes may not work well with this.

We will try to post local runs and races that sound interesting to us, so if you're an RD make your race a meetup and we'll approve it right away.

Please provide feedback if you would like to see changes. Thank You!

Please also join our facebook page to stay connected: https://www.facebook.com/peninsularoadrunners

Upcoming events (5+)

Saturday Long Run (Weekly)

The Noland Trail at The Mariners' Museum

Be sure to check back often for locations and time changes. There are about 5 of us that talk often through out the week and based on everyone's life and running schedule will determine where and when we run. If we see you with an RSVP we will keep do our best to keep you informed.

Sunday Long Run

The Noland Trail at The Mariners' Museum

We're going to meet and run between 5 and 50 miles at some pace or another. The usual suspects run 5-7 miles at about 7:45 pace, but everyone is welcome!

Monday Night With Point2

Point 2 Running Company

We start at Point 2 Running Store for a 3 mile out and back (sort of). We normally don't go all the way back to Point 2, as the 3 mile point is at Whole Food which is where we begin Happy Hour. We have a small group at arrive at 5:30 to get a warm up lap in. All are welcome. The 6pm group has about 30 or more folks out with all paces welcome. Run Happy

Tradition's Brewery Social Run! Trivia afterwards!

Traditions Brewery

This will be a relaxed event (unless you want to make it fast, then by all means, go for it) to run in conjunction with the Weekly Fun Runs group. We'll meet at 6 pm, run a few miles, then relax at Traditions! This is a large event with usually 20-30 runners of all ages and skill levels. Mike often gets in early miles so email him if you want longer distances at a faster pace. There is trivia night in the brewery after the runs as well, so you can use the comments to find team members, etc, as needed.

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