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We are a Meetup.com group based in Belmont, CA. We meet monthly to play a set of about 20-25 songs over a two-hour session from 6-8 pm on the third Wednesday each month in Belmont, and one Saturday a month in Woodside (check our Meetup site for exact dates). Our usual meeting places are the Belmont Public Library, 1110 Alameda de las Pulgas, Belmont, CA, and Woodside Library. We play a wide range of popular music and welcome players of any level to come to join us. There is no pressure to come every month or for you to feel nervous about playing with our members. We believe that sharing music should be collaborative, fun and instructional. We are a welcoming group and want to share our love of music with all comers.

Each month, a group leader selects the songs we play. Those song selections usually are based around a common theme. For each Meetup, a link to the song chord sheets are posted on our Meetup site for you to download to a computer or tablet or just print hard copies. At the meeting our group leader will lead us to play each song and take extra time to look a special riffs, strums and chord changes. We take one break halfway through and have some refreshments and have a little time to get to know each other. We then finish our set.

We play songs from easy to advanced to give challenges to all players. We use songs from a number of different genres. It’s our goal to help everyone learn to play the ukulele and sing the popular songs from the early 1900’s to the present.

So, please bring your ukulele, tuner, and this month’s music. PUG takes donations each month to support the costs of our Meetup account. You and anyone you want to bring along are welcome. We always have a good time!

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The Peninsula Ukulele Group/PUGs


• 🎶 PUGs Music Library - https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VpmmDUpauWHRxtuxRYUjSY6y6DwEY8lx

• Amelia Plays Ukulele (http://ameliaplaysukulele.com/) - Amelia's collection of songs

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Echo in the Canyon- The Music of Laurel Canyon 1964-1974

Here is the link to the song sheets for this month's MeetUp. Check them out. https://app.box.com/s/kcbudy0c7g7qv54cmky1gqku7dd479vl We are holding this as a Zoom Meetup as the Belmont Library is closed and all of us are sheltering in place due to COVID-19. This will be our first MeetUp on Zoom so please be kind. It won't go perfectly. The Zoom Meetup will for sure be at least an hour long and depending on the interest we will go on if you all would like. So I will choose a selection of songs from the list and we will play those. We have tested Zoom and noted that I will have to mute everyone except myself while we play due to the lag in Zoom.Here is the link for you to enter the Zoom Meeting on April 15th. https://zoom.us/j/232728417 No password is needed. The songs as usual vary in difficulty so I will do my best to choose the less complicated songs as this will be easier to present over Zoom. I think we'll still have a good time playing songs together. Laurel Canyon- Los Angeles- This idyllic area just north of the Sunset Strip has always drawn artists, actors and musicians to its wooded hills. This was especially true in the late 60's and early 70's. Starting with the Byrds in the 1965, Laurel Canyon became the home of members of the Monkees, the Mamas and the Papas, the Beach Boys, the Turtles, Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, the Association, Crosby Stills Nash and Young, Three Dog Night, the Eagles and artists Linda Ronstadt, Carole King, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and so many more. It was a place to cross pollenate musical ideas and new attitudes and provide the American answer to the Beatles and the British Invasion. Inspired by the movie Echo in the Canyon, Glenn brings us back to La La Land of the 60's and 70's to explore the music and rhythms of Laurel Canyon.

Woodside Library Jam

Woodside Library

Join us for a jam at the Woodside Public Library. Beautiful, laid back venue. 30 minute beginners lesson at 2pm, Meetup begins at 2:30pm. Optional open mic. Bring a printout of the playlist, your ukulele, and a tuner. All skill levels and ages welcome! Playlist and Beginners Packet Link: TBD ==FAQs== Do I have to have a ukulele? No, come on by! We will have a few extras on hand you are welcome to borrow. Do I have to play at the open mic? Nope! Entirely optional. Feel free to just be an enthusiastic listener. But it's a lot of fun so we hope you will. Playing on my own makes me nervous, can I have the group play with me during open mic? Yes! If you'd like others to play along with you, please bring 7-10 extra printouts to help us play along with you. But I'm not that good! Do I have to be good? Our open mic is about learning, growing, and sharing, not about being perfect. Anyone can join in, whatever your experience level. Use it as your time to learn, to share the joy of whatever you've been working on. You can share anything you like, in any state of polish (or unpolish). :) I play guitar/recorder/harmonica/drums, can I come? Sure, come check us out! We've had all manner of non-ukulele instruments join in, we're up for it.

PUGs Meetup- TBD

Belmont Library

Meetup details TBA, stay tuned

PUGs Meetup- TBA

Belmont Library

Details TBA

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