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Laugh Your Way to Joy - Even When You're Stressed, Stuck or Spinning Your Wheels
During this interactive presentation you will learn: * Why stress and overwhelm show up * What is actually going on in the mind * How being stuck is costing you in all areas of your life I'm inviting in another dynamic Guest Speaker to our group so please help me give a warm welcome to my dear friend, Linda Shively. Linda works with resilient, capable individuals who are feeling frustrated in their life or business and are ready to have the results they want. After navigating the diagnosis (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), life, and death of her almost 4-year-old-daughter, healing from an abusive relationship, and starting her own business, Linda inspires her audiences and guides her clients to move through difficult challenges to have success and enjoy the process. Many of her clients also have experienced a life-changing challenge and want to grow from it. I thought she would be an excellent resource for you all. Linda has studied brain and mind function for 30 years. She also shares how laughter has the power to promote physical and emotional health and well-being. In addition to her Bachelors in psychobiology from UCLA, Linda is certified as a Master Life and Executive Coach, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner, a Master Hypnotherapist, and a Laughter Yoga Leader. A powerful speaker, she has reached thousands of individuals, businesses, and organizations with her message: no matter the level of stress, frustration, or difficulty, the challenges you face do not have to limit your ability to create a life filled with joy and meaning. Come join other pro-active parents who are ready to learn and also ready to laugh! As always, kindly RSVP Now - so we know how many to expect and prepare for. Light snacks & refreshments will be served. This parent support group is FREE - small donations accepted. Nursing babies are welcome, sorry no childcare at this time. Questions? Contact your Organizer and Special Needs Expert Denise Carbon at Special Advantage -[masked]

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1400 Roosevelt Avenue · Redwood City, CA

What we're about

If you are a parent who has a young child under the age of 5 who is at risk, has special needs, or is behind in their development, and you are worried they might not catch up, will be bullied in school, or might not make friends then this group is perfect for you!

Attend this FREE Parent Education & Support Group to:

· Help your child make progress and catch up
· Connect with other proactive parents and respected professionals
· Regain hope, feel empowered, and encouraged about your child’s future

I’m a Developmental Specialist with almost 30 years experience working with children with special needs and I'm motivated to create this group based on what YOU want and need. I’m certain you just want to stop feeling worried, anxious, frustrated and overwhelmed. I'd like to provide you with some hot seat coaching. If you want answers to help your child make progress, so they can grow up and live a happy, independent life - then this group can help!

Many parents find it difficult to talk about their child’s issues with family and friends. You're not alone! Connecting with other proactive, dedicated parents who are walking a similar path can build your resilience and a strong sense of community. Having a network of support is crucial in fighting feelings of isolation, grief and overwhelm.

It's also important to know your rights and to connect with high quality, respected professionals who are dedicated to helping young children with special needs and delays make progress and succeed. After all, it’s all about the kids!

Please come and discover the magic of community – of connecting with other devoted parents and professionals who “get it.” This group is designed to foster connection and help bring people together and also to provide you with some guidance, answers and support. My goal is to bring in guest speakers and provide parents with resources and information that they want, as well as provide hope, laughter, and a sense of belonging. The quickest way to gain the support you crave and the information you need is to join this amazing community! It’s your one-stop shop for guidance, answers and support – and the opportunity to develop true friendships (for you and your child) if you choose to do so.

This group is open to the public and 100% free of charge.

I’m shaping this group for YOU! Your input is highly desired and I want to provide what you need in terms of information and support. Ideally, topics will come organically from members in the group, other proactive parents, like yourself, who just want their child to meet their developmental milestones, catch up, and succeed.

If you have any questions before attending, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 650-218-1884.

(A Note to Service Providers & Professionals: This Meetup is intended to be a support and educational group for PARENTS and FAMILY MEMBERS only. As such I ask that you please respect our members and refrain from attending these meetings unless you are asked to participate as a guest speaker with an approved, desired topic. Please contact the organizer if you wish to discuss the possibility of being a speaker or sponsor.)

Parents and family members, please come join our community and be part of something special and unique. It takes a village – are you ready to find ‘Your Tribe’ and let your voice be heard? Together, we can help your child make progress.

Nursing babies welcome – no childcare available at this time – but stay tuned! 😊

Possible Discussion Topics Include:

· Developmental milestones – what they are and when to be concerned
· My child has a delay? Now what?
· Best 3 ways to help your child make progress at home
· How to get the services and supports your young child really needs, with ease
· Improving your child’s: communication skills, motor skills, social-emotional skills, independence, cognition, etc.
· Navigating the Regional Center & School District systems - the IFSP & IEP Process. Let’s keep it proactive vs. reactive.
· The importance & power of play for a child with special needs
· Why taking good care of yourself is also good for your child
· Special Needs Trusts
· Time management and stress reduction
· How to turn your grief into something positive
· Finding appropriate childcare that you love
· Fostering greater independence
· Transitioning from Early Intervention to your local School District Special Ed Dept.
· Sensory Integration and how to support your child’s unique needs
· Helping your child develop better sleep habits
· Turning mealtime madness into super fun ways to learn
· Potty learning for the child with special needs
· Behavior modification and discipline

I can’t wait to meet you in person at your 1st Parent Group with us! Join the group, then RSVP today! 😊

HUGE hugs,


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