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Technical meetups hosted by Pentalog Cluj.

Various presentations and workshops on development topics (Java, .NET, PHP, NodeJS, AngularJS, ReactJS, Scala, Python, Ruby etc.) and QA/devops topics (QA Automation frameworks, Docker, Security and Performance).

Open to the local IT community, audience and speakers.

Beer might be involved as well 🍺

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PentaBAR // JavaScript Operations: Should I build or should I not?

Most JavaScript Developers, whether front, back, or full stack, think their role has nothing in common with infrastructure or operations. But they could not be more wrong!

DevOps has risen in popularity over the last decade and not just the job description. DevOps combines software development and information-technology operations in processes which aim to shorten the development life cycle and provide continuous delivery of high-quality software.

On Wednesday, 12th May, 13:00 CST, you are invited to a new PentaBAR Online, featuring Alejandro Mercado, an experienced Web & Mobile Developer turned Engineering & DevOps Manager. Alejandro will tackle the complexities of running a web application, as well as the need to take on the DevOps role, without reaching the point of burnout.

🔥 Get your virtual seat here: https://buff.ly/3vKjEmN 🔥

The agenda will cover the following topics:
🔵 From Dev to DevOps;
🔵 The Ops movement;
🔵 New roles - new expectations;
🔵 101 - Jenkins for JavaScript Developers made easy
About our speaker:
Alejandro Mercado is a Web and Mobile Developer, with 20+ years of experience, now an Engineer Manager leading DevOps projects. He has consulted and trained hundreds of professionals in companies such as Pfizer, Bayer, or Colgate.
A Technical writer and international speaker, Alejandro is always curios to learn about modern technologies. His current tech stack includes TS, JS, Angular, Svelte, NativeScript, along with other web-related technologies.

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