PentaBAR #20 // Performance Testing: How do you do that?


99 little bugs in the code,
99 bugs in the code,
1 bug fixed... compile again,
100 little bugs in the code.

During this presentation, we aim to study what is performance testing, what types of performance testing we can do, how can we do them, what kind of parameters should we study/monitor during a performance testing session and what performance problems can arise.

We will learn about the performance testing process and be demonstrating several test cases in a live session specifically designed to study the performance of a dummy application that runs on the most common Http based web servers (APACHE vs NGINX)

🐞 Agenda:
- What is performance testing
- Why do we want to do it
- When can we do it
- What does it study
- Common challenges
- Real Test Cases
- Metrics

🕵️ About the Bugs Maestro. He’s the one that finds them.

Dragoș Platon is the advocate of quality, who has always wanted to explore, discover and learn as much as possible about the software field. Sworn protector of the quality empire, he unites his three trusty companions:
- Performance
- Curiosity
- Teamwork

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