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Michele Mor

After a degree in sociology, moved to UK and have been working as data analyst.
Extensive experience in data preparation and analysis in addition to installation and management of marketing solutions.
Have been using pentaho for at least the past 5 years mainly for internal projects within the company.
Recently joined Bissol Consulting.


One of the highly anticipated announcements at November’s International Pentaho User Meeting was the official release of the PDI Git plugin, which finally allows you to tightly couple PDI development with your version control system via an easy to use GUI.
Michele will show you how to install the Git plugin, how to connect to your git repository from within Spoon (PDI’s GUI), how to commit files and how to visually resolve merge conflicts.

David Hill

David has worked in the Business Analytics and data Integration space for nearly 20 years. He worked on numerous data warehouse and data lake implementations, firstly as a member of the global management information team at Allied Domecq, then latterly as a Sales Engineer at Cognos, IBM, Oracle and now Pentaho. At Pentaho he is a Technical Account Manager in the UK Pre Sales team covering all sectors but primarily Financial Services.


Pentaho has created a demo that shows how you can take advantage of your data and use machine learning algorithms to make predictive analytics deliver value to your company. In this demo we are looking at London's air quality as an example of how you can fully utilize big data sources. Air quality monitoring and analysis is a crucial procedure for city councils. Air pollution causes 40,000 early deaths a year in the UK. 9,000 of these occur in London. This demonstration uses open data provided by King’s College London to analyse current and historical air quality across London. Once this data has been collected we can train a machine learning model to predict pollutant levels 12 hours in advance and manage the training, testing and automate the updating of the model on the Pentaho platform