What we're about

What we do?

This is an informal sketch group for people who like to sketch people. We meet every Wednesday evening at 7pm - 8pm in TST and every Thursday 7pm - 9pm in CWB. We take turns to do quick poses and sketches of each other and share what we did. The activity is free, but you are expected to buy a drink!

Who comes?

We are open to complete beginners and experienced artists. It does not matter how you draw, everyone even Picasso had good days and bad days, the important thing is you draw and meet people by drawing. So, pick up your pencil and put it to the paper.


Please RSVP if you are coming.

RSVP (repondez s'il vous plait) is the French for answer please. :-)


People come to draw, be drawn, meet people have a coffee and a relaxed chat. Some people just enjoy the peaceful yet social vibe while others like to go out afterwards. Please be respectful of others, look after your belongings and exercise your judgement as a responsible adult.

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