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A Note From the Organizer ARE YOU STRUGGLING WITH THESE ISSUES TOO? Although we’re taking a brief respite from our face-to-face classes to gather materials and develop new topics, this announcement page will remain posted to provide members (and prospective members) with information and resources as they become available. The (Free) Resource List below refers to a sampling of discussion topics in which our members have expressed especial interest. My hope is that you also will find them to be of value. Yours in a learning spirit, Roger ARE YOU A TARGET FOR CRITICISM? It's a fact that your success will always ruffle someone's feathers! And when that happens, criticism inevitably follows. What marks a person for criticism? What are the characteristics of those who feel it their duty to criticize others? Importantly, how should we respond? In this free resource discussion, all is revealed concerning a uniquely human form of interpersonal communication. To learn more CLICK HERE... ( ==== THE ART OF EFFECTIVE LISTENING Listening is a skill that most people just take for granted. However, we all know there's a big difference between hearing what someone is saying to us, and fully grasping its meaning. In this discussion, we'll analyze the four essential steps to effective listening, the understanding of which can make you a sought after conversationalist! To learn more CLICK HERE... ( ==== DISCOURAGEMENT There is one common emotion we all share in response to perpetual disappointment, and that is Discouragement. It is the enemy of all accomplishment. Understanding how this works in ourselves and in others allows us to more effectively relate to people. In this discussion we’ll also learn proven methods for getting yourself back on track when Discouragement strikes. To learn more CLICK HERE... ( ==== WHO AM I (…and in fact, WHO ARE YOU) ? Have you ever noticed how people with the same interests or background tend to group together? And, how everyone in this group jockeys for position so they can best “fit in”? In this discussion we’ll look at how this human trait affects who we are and how we relate to people. We’ll also determine our individual number within more than 7 billion others currently living on this planet and learn why we are still unique within all of humanity. To learn more CLICK HERE... ( ==== 5 WORDS TO NEVER USE We’re told that English is one of the most difficult languages to learn. And even for those of us born into it, there are many nuances of expression we may not know that can become major pitfalls to success when interacting with others. In this discussion we’ll consider five words to delete from our vocabulary and offer more effective alternate choices. To learn more CLICK HERE... ( ==== HOW TO USE WORDS THAT INFLUENCE The most effective way to interact with others is to present yourself as someone who is knowledgeable, self-confident, and honest. In other words, as a person of integrity. Our word choice and the way we express ourselves is critical to creating that image within the other person’s mind. Learn tips for using the nuances of English to more effectively interact with others. To learn more CLICK HERE... (

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"People Skills" is a rather generic term which implies and encompasses a number of various human activities. First impressions, communication abilities, uplifting and empowering others, talents of influence and persuasion, and creating win-win satisfactory outcomes, all figure prominently in our daily business and social interactions with each other.

If we were animals, this would be so much easier! In other species, patterns of behavior are written generally with unwavering accuracy into their very DNA. However, with human interactions we must also deal with emotions, self-doubt, deception, altruism, greed, courage, and a host of other characteristics, both positive and negative, which greatly complicate the process.

In this Meetup we explore ALL aspects of our interactions with others through the combination of lecture, interactive class format, and written resources. Much has been published on these topics and we draw heavily from authoritative sources in many fields. Importantly, each session is tempered by real life wisdom and experience of the "Meetup Professor" and our participants.

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