What we're about

Hi! I am Christine. This group's purpose is for connection and growth. This group will function with a variety of different hosts as the event organizers (that means you! - so this is your chance to get out of your comfort zone and hopefully challenge your social, event planning and organizing Skills) so that we can achieve a large array of interests and each of us meeting people who want to do the things we already love to do or want to explore doing. For example: I love roller skating, in-line skating, museums, walking the city, trips to NY, beach days, explorer groups, Cow-Town Rodeo, Self Help Events. However, looking to do new things like Zip Line, pottery classes, go to college and NBA basketball games. Start your ideas in Discussion and see where it goes! This is a group about safe, self-respecting and keeping it clean events. It is not a singles group. Everyone who attends should be over 21 unless a specific event is titled "OPEN TO ALL AGE GROUPS". That is the call of the event organizer.

I dislike having to bring this up but by joining you are agreeing to the following:

Events will be non-smoking, non-drugs, non-lewd behavior/drunkenness, non-sales, non-inappropriate contact/language, non-fundraising/asking for money/contribution (except when it is recognized PUBLICIZED IRS RECOGNIZED CHARITY EVENT) etc.

From past experience, many events can end up being 2-4 people that show up, all females, all males, and even sometimes cancelled at the last minute etc. We all do our best, but this is for fun so please do not complain to hosts or me that an event does not meet your standards or expectations. It is best to go with it and find the positive in the experience. You will get out of this what you put into it and mostly a great attitude begets more great attitudes and like mindedness.

One further note:

We all have challenges. This is not a support group for any life changes you are going through. We are here to create energy, fun, growth and happiness. Please do not burden other attendees with your personal issues. It is not that people do not care, but they are coming here for fun, plus we are not licensed professionals. If you need recommendations for places, support groups etc. please visit https://startingpoint.org/. I am not affiliated with them in any way, I just know they do a great job of connecting people going through rough times with the right groups and professionals.

Just a reminder that this is my private group that I pay for and spend the most time organizing and planning so I am the final decision maker as to posting events, accepting organizers and deciding who joins and remains. If anyone is not in agreement with this, they shouldn't join. Thanks for checking us out. NO DISRESPECT OR DRAMA TOWARDS ANYONE FOR ANYTHING WILL BE TOLERATED OR ENGAGED IN.

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Harbor Square Theatre

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Harbor Square Theatre

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