What we're about

A group for people who put people first when they're designing public sector services. This group welcomes anyone who's interested in making things better.

It's an exciting time to be an advocate for users in public sector services. A lot of the detail around how we practice agile principles, especially with users is still forming. I want to collaborate with people like you (you've read this far ;P) towards a set of best user experience practices in the public sector.

I want to actively think and discuss three broad areas:

1. how we learn about the users of public services

2. how we present and integrate that knowledge with developers and 'product owners' in an agile way

3. common problems that we face as user advocates in public services.

This group will be an open safe space, with lots of discussion, and creativity. Together we will actively contribute to making public services more user focused.

When: 6.30pm, once a month

Where: Newspeak House

Session structure: 1. hellos 2. something interesting (talk, workshop, something new) 3. lively group conversation

I'm super open to any ideas about the group or session. Talk to me @rosebotanic , #pb4pixels

Check out talks you missed on : www.slideshare.net/pb4pixels

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