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What we’re about

Welcome to POCO! We're a non-profit with volunteers, with a part time staff of one (me). We look forward to gaining the financial and volunteer support we need to develop a team that will serve our community even more. If you would like to help us to get there, click the link, and know that we need you and appreciate your support.

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Please introduce yourself and your business so that we can network and support you.
You are welcome here! We're a supportive community, so networking and supporting each other is important to this community. After you join, introduce yourself and your business.
Here's my business intro: My name is (Pamela Slaughter) and I am the Executive Director of People of Color Outdoors. If you have a business, you can use the same format so that we can support a community member while getting what we need.

More about People of Color Outdoors:
Portland's BIPOC don't really have a physical community to call home. We do, however, have access to many beautiful and healing places. I started this community because BIPOC so often feel unwelcome at best, and have experienced trauma at worst, in outdoor spaces.

This is not a generic group for people who want more diversity in their lives. It's a healing space where BIPOC can enjoy the outdoors together. People of Color Outdoors is a very special community where members can feel safe, welcome, cared about, and truly seen. We are often asked if non-BIPOC parents can participate with their BIPOC children. The answer is YES. POCO welcomes all BIPOC children, and their parents are welcome to bring them. POCO has no activities where children can be dropped off, so a guardian or parent will always participate. We also love when community members bring their elders to outings.

While most of our activities involve exploring the treasures to be found near the Portland Metro area, we also network, enjoy indoor events such as holiday parties, and do other things together with the intention of creating a safe, educational, fun, and supportive community.

Want to support us? You can contribute
You can also support us by purchasing my book, which is full of great information and helps to support POCO: