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Learn how you can generate the political will for a stable climate.
Be part of the team! You CAN make a difference in the world. Our strategy is simple, the outcome is huge. Empower individuals so that they experience significant growth of their own political and personal power, as well as discover and celebrate their own capacity to make a significant difference in this world. Our volunteers break down partisan and ideological barriers by reaching out to key stakeholders to build positive, effective working relationships. Learn how you can generate the political will for a stable climate. What Others Are Saying "With all the negative news on climate and Congress it's understandable to feel discouraged. But hopelessness is not a strategy for making a difference and neither is acting alone. Citizens' Climate Lobby is the antidote, the missing link, the Harvard of citizen activism." --- Sam Daley-Harris Founder, RESULTS, Microcredit Summit Campaign, and the Center for Citizen Empowerment and Transformation "Most impressive is the work of Citizens' Climate Lobby...If you want to join the fight to save the planet, to save creation for your grandchildren, there is no more effective step you could take than becoming an active member of this group." --- Dr. James Hansen Climate scientist and former head of the NASA Goddard Institute "The Citizens' Climate Lobby has identified the issue of pricing carbon as a vitally important lever in promoting dialog and action on climate protection. If you've been looking for that one group to join, you can stop looking now." --- Dr. Daniel Kammen Professor - University of California, Berkeley To learn more about Citizens' Climate Lobby visit us online at: ( and also register for a Wednesday night (8 PM ET) one hour introductory conference call ( VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: RSVP for this Meetup (on Meetup) is not required. Don't let a very-low RSVP sign up number on the Meet-Up site discourage you from being on the conference call attending. The call is advertised in other places nation-wide.

Introductory Citizens' Climate Lobby Conference Call

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Since the People's Climate March in NYC several of the groups that were involved in the NYC Host Committee for the march have been meeting to maintain some of the momentum and amazing network of connections that were developed during the march mobilization. We call ourselves People's Climate Movement - NY and we are comprised of grassroots climate justice organizations, unions, faith-based communities, educators, health professionals and social justice advocates.

This Meetup is a place to list any climate related event, workshop, meeting, get-together, idea sharing day, art project, etc.... in one calendar so our growing community can see what each other is up to and join in. We welcome all comers.

"To Change Everything we Need Everyone"

The original purpose of this Meetup group, 2014:

In 2014, several groups in environment, environmental justice, labor, faith... have collaborated to create People's Climate March on September 21st 2014 in NYC. Several events have been created to work toward this goal and to create community beyond September 2014. This is a place to list any event, workshop, meeting, get-together, idea sharing day in one calendar so our growing community can see what each other is up to and join in.

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