What we're about

Welcome to the Pepperdata Meetup group! The purpose of our meetings is to foster community among people using Hadoop in production, provide an opportunity to learn about interesting and relevant use cases, and hear about some challenges of using Hadoop in production and how people address them. Meetings will be held in SF and around the Peninsula on a regular basis.

Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Pepperdata enables enterprises to rely on Hadoop in production. Pepperdata’s real-time cluster optimizer dynamically adjusts cluster utilization based on customer priorities so that jobs run faster, more reliably, and more efficiently. Pepperdata installs on existing clusters and works with any Hadoop distribution, including Cloudera, Hortonworks, IBM, MapR, and Apache.

The company's investors include Wing VC; Signia Venture Partners; Webb Investment Network; Citi Ventures; Silicon Valley Data Capital; Maynard Webb, Yahoo Chairman; Jerry Yang, founding partner of AME Cloud Ventures and cofounder of Yahoo; Ed Zander, former CEO and Chairman of Motorola; and Andy Ludwick, Pepperdata board member and founding CEO of Bay Networks. More @pepperdata or http://www.pepperdata.com (http://www.pepperdata.com/).

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