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    Do you identify as a highly sensitive person?
    An empath?
    An intuitive?
    A creative, wonderfully weird, out of the box thinker?
    An emotionally intense feeler?

    Or perhaps you don't really like labels, that's cool, all are welcome here.

    Being a Perceptive Soul means everything in the world is talking to you.

    Not only on the surface but also the larger field of what's unseen, at all levels and on all dimensions.

    Are you listening?

    Perceptive messages may arrive in many forms, like song lyrics or powerful dreams. Perhaps you notice every nuance and pattern, every synchronicity. Or you connect deeply with others’ emotions and can sense shifts in energy fields around you. Strong feelings arise in your body, you hear a small, still voice within, or receive a vision playing like a slide show through your mind.

    You may not always understand the messages you receive. Your abilities may seem odd, scary or outright evil to others, so perhaps you've tried to hide what you ‘know’.

    Your perceptive ability is a gift.

    I know, it doesn’t always feel like one. Especially when others don't understand or appreciate your way of being.

    Our community creates opportunities for meaningful connection between perceptive souls.

    We offer support and education about our gifts because we believe there are diverse ways of being.
    All are honored.

    I'm Bevin, the leader of our group, a coach and mentor and I’ve been highly perceptive since childhood. At age seven, I was an astral traveler before I even knew there was a name for it. I was absolutely convinced an alien species had dropped me off on this planet – please come back! I’ve sometimes referred to myself as an Indigo Child, a modern Druid, spirit animal communicator and shamanic practitioner. Beyond labels, I’m a manifestation of Source so expansive as to defy description.

    Sadly, I turned off my gifts for years to chase the expectations of mainstream culture: go to college, get married, buy a home with the white picket fence, have 2.5 children, commute in rush-hour traffic and work long, brutal hours, ugghhhhh.

    No judgement about any of those things – I just didn’t fit that template.

    For every perceptive soul, the time comes when we can’t wear a mask any longer. I'm listening to my soul’s calling and trusting this is the right path for me. It’s why I’m reaching out to share with you what I’ve learned on my journey.

    What it means to engage in a fully tuned-in kind of life. Where fears fade back, and daily actions are confidently guided by your inner knowing.

    What does it take to become an intuitive person of action?

    • Forgive your self when you didn’t listen to messages in the past. It’s time to heal.

    • Be aware of how you receive messages and pay attention to how life is talking to you.

    • Engage your intuitive and intellectual minds in partnership.

    • Gain confidence by taking small steps and viewing life as a grand experiment.

    • See yourself as a powerful manifestor and creator of your own reality.

    • Continuously reflect and apply your learning forward.

    • Believe in who you are, even when others do not understand. This is possible!

    We host educational workshops every other month in various, quiet, low-key locations around DFW. It's a great place to meet like-minded souls, experience meaningful dialogue and learn how to use your perceptive gifts to improve your life.

    You're invited to check out additional resources at ( and sign up for our free email training called Perceptive Archetypes ( We're exploring the potential of taking everything we've taught over the past 5 years to develop an online academy for empaths, sensitives and intuitives - stay tuned!

    You're also invited to join our private Facebook group (, which is a fantastic way to stay in touch with local and global members between workshops. It's a safe place to openly discuss our perceptive experiences.

    Join Bevin in the forest as she describes what it means to be a Perceptive Soul:

    Our Community's Agreements:

    We ask that you read our agreements (how we agree to treat each other) prior to submitting your application. These were created by members and are designed to provide a safe and welcoming space for all perceptive people.

    1. Be responsible for the energy you bring to the group. Perceptive people connect very deeply with others and your emotional intensity is perfectly fine. We don't ask you to be overly sunny if you're not feeling that way, however we do not permit very negative talk, venting, yelling, criticism of others, monopolizing the conversation with your own concerns and other less than healthy ways of communication. This is a supportive group, we simply ask you to self-manage within the group setting.

    2. Celebrate our similarities and our diversity. Perceptive Souls hail from every culture, all genders, all ages, all different types of experiences, religious and political beliefs, etc. Our aim is to keep things respectful and neutral.

    3. Be open-minded. Some people might share an experience like yours, while others might have completely different experiences – all are valid.

    4. Allow each person to walk their own journey. Perceptive souls, especially empaths have a tendency to fall into the role of being a ‘rescuer’ or ‘fixer’ of others because we see someone else hurting and want to make it better. However, we each need our challenges to learn and grow, so taking on 'baggage' from someone else is denying them their growth opportunity.

    5. Minimize distractions during workshops and events. Because perceptive people notice every subtlety, side conversations, cell phones ringing and other distractions can be very overstimulating. Some members have sensitivity to strong odors like cologne and perfume or food sensitivities so we ask you to be aware of others' needs and express your needs as well. We try to accommodate if it is possible to do so.

    6. You choose to share or not to share. We will not go around the room, ask you to introduce yourself or share personal information if you are not ready. We wear nametags so you will be able to see people's first names. It’s perfectly acceptable to come and be a quiet observer, we know you are gaining just as much from the experience!

    In addition to leading the community, Bevin Niemann provides 1:1 coaching and mentoring for empaths, highly sensitive people and intuitives. Learn more at, reach out at or contact by cell at 817-627-5293.

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