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Friday November 22nd & Saturday November 23rd
Power of CBD Science Breakthrough ~ Micro Nutrition ~ Breaking Free
Engage Global ~ Power Summit Weekend
Michael Bowman - “Mr. Hemp” Bowman, Hemp Expert. (He will be speaking Friday night).
What an amazing story and inspiring speaker! Mike wrote the 2014 Farm Bill amendment that legalized hemp in the USA for the first time in over 70 years. Come learn about CBD in ways you never knew about before!

David Nemelka – Founder and CEO of Engage Global. (He will be speaking Friday night and Saturday).
David is an incredible man with a contagious passion for helping others! He earned an MBA from Wharton Business School in 1993, spent 20 years as a Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur and was introduced to Dr. Prasad and Micro Daily formulas in 2012. He purchased the licensing rights to Micro-Daily and has a vision of taking Micro Daily formulas to the world! He will inspire and ignite you!
Dr. Kedar Prasad - Grandfather of micro nutritional sciences. (He will be speaking Friday night).
The first person in the USA to earn a PhD in Radiation Biology, he has published more than 250 articles and 25+ books on micronutrients. The Department of Defense hired Dr. Prasad to lead a research team of experts in micro nutrition to find a nutritional solution for soldiers suffering from traumas associated with war. (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Concussive Injuries). After 24 million dollars in research, 14 scientific studies, and human clinical trials, Micro-Daily was created! Come find out how and what’s new!
SATURDAY BREAKING FREE SUMMIT - November 23 from 10am-2pm
Jay Luck –You will NOT want to miss Jay!!!! (He is speaking on Saturday)
Mark your calendars and do what ever it takes to participate in the explosive leadership training Jay!
Jay is a Master “Potential Trainer,” who will teach you how to break out of being “Stuck”! Imagine, a workshop where you will find the tools you need to unlock your full potential.
This will be a life transformational time together!

Guaranteed Great Time

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