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"Modern life seems to condemn us to live in an awe-depleted, efficiency driven world, where reductionism runs rampant and big questions about life are all but eradicated". (The New Existentialist)

Hello and welcome to Perennial thought and philosophies …..

This is a reading and discussion group.

Ideally, we will read an assignment or watch some footage, and then meetup to share our respective engagement with the assignment. A discussion will ensue of which I will facilitate (~2 hours).

Your participation is invaluable.

Membership is open to people with or without a background in philosophy/psychology. In any case, an earnest fidelity to the discussion/assignment is mandatory.

In addition, an interdisciplinary/integral attitude to the material is encouraged and all ideological perspectives are welcomed.

Western and Eastern material will be explored; from the Axial Age to late-modernity, from Reason to Revelation, from magic to quantum physics.

Our daily lives are full of experiences that keep us busy, preoccupied and dormant. Yet, every now and again, we find ourselves drawing-back, reflecting, and wondering; what is it all about?

Perhaps a new consciousness might momentarily emerge; a ripple of truth appear ......

So, let's meetup, discuss, pause, reflect and then leave each conversation with a perspective wider, deeper, and richer than the one we had when entering it. A perennial awakening?

Upcoming events (2)

24th meetup : Dream sharing & study group.

Online event

This is our 24th meetup.

PLEASE NOTE : we will be returning to weekdays due to my schedule. I hope every other Thursday at 7 pm will serve most people.

Again, I hope the new day of the week will serve all regulars and new attendees as well.

Bring a dream to share !

As a psychotherapist with a deep orientation in Jungian thought I am interested in dreams and their function, and perhaps purpose, within our Psychic tapestry.

Patanjali describes "dreaming" as a remembering during our sleep.

So, lets meet weekly to talk about "dreaming" and to share and study our dreams. And perhaps collectively compose a working description of what are dreams, and explore what is the function and purpose of dreams.

In other words, how do dreams serve the Psyche?

The following participants volunteered to share their respective Dream.

1. to be determined
2. to be determined

Meetups will follow a simple structure. Yet, improvements are welcomed.

NOTE : I will facilitate the process when necessary,

1a. Pre-selected volunteers (1,2 or 3) will share a dream. Volunteers are urge to prepare by writing down their dream before sharing them. Sharing should take approximately 8 to 12 minutes in length. Pictorials/drawings of dream images are welcomed yet not required.

1b. As the dreamer describes her/his dream, attendees should take notes. Record significant images and words, and begin "amplifying images/words" from the shared dream. Please be willing to share your amplifications. And, if possible, fashion a tentative interpretation of the dream. In other words, what is the dream's "story line?"

2. The "dreamer" may provide an interpretation of the dream. This step is optional.

3a. A group discussion will ensue. This should include amplifications of images and words. All attendees are encouraged to participate yet this is not required. Only listening is okay.

3b. Questions may be posed to the dreamer.

4. Possible interpretations are presented by those whom are bold.

5. Dreamer may share some closing thoughts/feelings regarding the group discussion.


After our final discussion, attendees may express final remarks.

Join me and lets cultivate an effective correspondence with our Personal and Collective Unconscious.

with gratitude,

Lets Talk about Jung : Edinger's 9th and 10th chapters from "Ego and Archetype"

This will be our FINAL MEETUP on this book.

So, lets conclude our conversation/discussion on Edinger's "Ego and Archetype."

Please read the final two chapters, chapters 9 and 10 (pp.225 to 295) and then, lets meet to discuss the material.

Meredith has volunteered to lead our final conversation.

Inserted is a free pdf of Edward Edinger's seminal work, "Ego and Archetype."

We will follow the "round table" format. I will facilitate if/when necessary.

Here's the link for the FREE pdf file


And here's the link to Z-library. Plug-in Ego and Archetype and it should pop-up

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