What we're about

"Modern life seems to condemn us to live in an awe-depleted, efficiency driven world, where reductionism runs rampant and big questions about life are all but eradicated". (The New Existentialist)

Hello and welcome to Perennial Philosophies/Psychologies.

This is a reading and discussion group.

Ideally, we will read an assignment or watch some footage, and then meetup to share our respective engagement with the assignment. A discussion will ensue of which I will facilitate (~2 hours).

Your participation is invaluable.

Membership is open to people with or without a background in philosophy/psychology. In any case, an earnest fidelity to the discussion/assignment is mandatory.

In addition, an interdisciplinary/integral attitude to the material is encouraged and all ideological perspectives are welcomed.

Western and Eastern material will be explored; from the Axial Age to late-modernity, from Reason to Revelation, from magic to quantum physics.

Our daily lives are full of experiences that keep us busy, preoccupied and dormant. Yet, every now and again, we find ourselves drawing-back, reflecting, and wondering; what is it all about?

Perhaps a new consciousness might momentarily emerge; a ripple of truth appear ......

So, let's meetup, discuss, pause, reflect and then leave each conversation with a perspective wider, deeper, and richer than the one we had when entering it. A perennial awakening?

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