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This group is about providing authentic information to the community straight from the local farmer and experienced people in the health food industry. This group is for all health nuts, vegans, raw foodies, and anyone wanting to learn about how to improve their health with the healing Raw Food Diet. This diet consists of whole plant based nutrition and is fully raw. Wheatgrass and sprouts/microgreens are the 2 main components of this diet. People who follow this diet experience incredible life changing results and we want to share their stories to you. (This diet is taught at Hippocrates Health Institute, Optimum Health Institute, Ann Wigmore Institute etc...).

Meet awesome health-minded people in your area, network for your business and join our fun events around the NYC Region!

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Wheatgrass, Microgreens and The Healing Hippocrates Raw Food Diet

Hear some incredible stories about how these superfoods can heal your body. Learn details you won't learn anywhere else from Perfect Foods who has been growing wheatgrass and microgreens, locally and organically, since 1982. Taste the different types that they grow (micro-broccoli, arugula, cilantro, radish etc.), learn how they grow it and network with like-minded people! Can't wait to meet you all!

Raw Foods Dinner and Wheatgrass/Microgreen Workshop

Integral Yoga Institute, Fair Lawn, NJ


Join us at Integral Yoga in Fair Lawn NJ for a delicious Raw Foods dinner and workshop with Harley Matsil, the Wheatgrass King (founder of Perfect Foods who started growing wheatgrass since 1982). This is for people who have never eaten a raw food meal or for people who live the lifestyle every day. Think you can't eat a dinner with just raw foods and be satisfied? Think again! Experience a delicious meal that is just raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, avocados and fermented foods. You will feel full, rejuvenated, energized, light and completely satisfied. You will also learn wonderful information about the lifestyle and meet like-minded people in the community. Integral Yoga is one of the most original centers for yoga, health and wellness in the NY-NJ region. They believe in the benefits of a vegetarian and raw food diet, and the importance of incorporating wheatgrass and microgreens/sprouts. Learn information you won't find anywhere else from pioneers of the health food industry and urban farming with Integral Yoga and Perfect Foods together. RSVP DETAILS: Be sure to pre-register - $40 each. Call[masked] or register on the website at www.iyinj.org.

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Wheatgrass, Microgreens & The Healing Raw Food Diet

Supreme Health Food Store

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