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What we’re about

Unleashing Barcelona's Affiliate Potential! 🚀
Barcelona has long worn the crown as the Mobile World Capital, yet a void existed in the form of a Meetup dedicated to the realm of affiliate marketing. Those days are behind us!
Enter a community of dynamic marketers, all driven by one goal: performance. What's 'performance', you ask? Well, the answer is as varied as the marketer you inquire. 😉
We're more than just professionals. We are friends, collaborators, and innovators, thirsty to exchange insights about the industry, forge promising business connections, and let's not forget - enjoy a hearty laugh and some good times.
Join a melting pot of vibrant, youthful, and fervent professionals who embody the essence of our sector.
Whether you're knee-deep in affiliate marketing, navigating the waves of performance metrics (be it CPA, CPI, CPS, CPE, and more), dabbling in media buying, exploring the myriad world of ads (from Facebook to Instagram, Snapchat, and beyond), or mastering SEO, SEM, and various ad channels – we’ve got a spot for you. And yes, if you have an affinity for beer, wine, and some light-hearted fun, you're in for a treat!

P.S. Conversations can seamlessly flow in English, Spanish, Catalan, or any language you bring to the table – just be ready for some spirited attempts at understanding and translations. 😉