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The Great Ride Series was created to give cyclists a way to connect with each other and to encourage participation in the sport we all love. If you’re new to cycling, join our C Group. Ride Leaders will teach you the “ins and outs” of group riding at an average pace of 13-14 mph for 20-25 miles with opportunity to practice shifting during challenging hill climbs. Route info: ========================================================= Once you’ve mastered the skills of group riding, join our B Group. Ride Leaders will take you out at a more challenging pace of 15-16 miles per hour. Here, you’ll ride for 25-30 miles with a group of riders with similar abilities through historic Buford. Optional extensions may include the Lake Lanier Island Park or Meggitt. Route info: ========================================================== When you decide you want to go a little faster, you can join our A Group. This advanced group rides at an average of 17-18 mph and between 30 and 40 miles. This ride typically includes Lake Lanier Island Park and Meggitt. Route info: ========================================================== The Performance Great Ride Series has adopted a “NO RIDER LEFT BEHIND” philosophy, coordinating our group rides to overlap routes. If you become fatigued, have a mechanical issue, or just want to dial back the pace, you can wait at one of three designated re-group stops for the next group to pick you up. - Bring a Positive Attitude (Cycling is Fun!) - Bring a Road Bicycle - Remember to check the ABC’s before each ride (Air, Brakes, and Chain) - Bring a Helmet - Bring Eyewear and Sunscreen - Bring Gloves to protect your hands - Bring Repair Kit (Spare tube(s), tire levers, and pump) - Bring Water Bottles or Camelback to stay hydrated - Bring Nutrition to replenish your energy - Bring appropriate Athletic Attire and closed toe shoes. - Bring ID, Cash/CC, and ICE Contacts in “zip-loc” bag Come join the Performance Bicycle Great Ride Series on Saturday mornings. If you have any questions, please call Performance Bicycle at[masked]. ========================================================== ADVISORY: Group Rides will be postponed if any of the following unpleasant or unsafe weather conditions are predicted for the time period of the ride by hourly forecasts: 1) "Real Feel" temperatures of less than 40 degrees or greater than 100 degrees 2) Thunderstorms 3) If roads are significantly wet 4) Consistent wind speeds of over 30 mph or gusts of over 50 mph. *Visit for current weather updates. ========================================================== Group Ride Etiquette: Arrive early to sign waiver and attend pre-ride safety brief. Ride Leaders will set pace and provide instruction necessary to maintain group integrity and safety. Designated Sprint Zones will be identified with regrouping at turns. Be friendly, courteous, and helpful. Safety: Point or call out road hazards, turns, slowing, and stopping. Do not overlap wheels. Maintain your line. Call out “On your left!” when passing. Single file on two-lane roads.

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We are a company of cyclists dedicated to helping more people enjoy the benefits of riding a bike. At Performance, we believe we can improve lives and contribute to a better world through cycling.

On a national, regional and local level our company is participating in cycling advocacy and education, providing expert mechanical support at cycling events, improving the environment and leading group rides so more people can enjoy cycling.

We encourage you to be involved and join us in making our nation a better place for cycling. Learn about our commitment to cycling and what you can do to help.

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