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We are on a quest to change the lives of 10 Million people through work that works! Our community of doers help leaders, members, and friends connect and create meaningful and practical change experiences. We enable these experiences through innovative, evidence-based approaches aligned to Human Performance Technology principles. Join us on our journey of performance innovation…


We are guided in our quest by the International Society of Performance Improvement (ISPI).

ISPI is a non-profit association for performance improvement professionals dedicated to improving individual, organizational, and societal functioning, productivity, and accomplishments. The mission of ISPI is to advance the field of Human Performance Technology, advocate its application, and enhance the skills and professional standing of its practitioners.

• Evidence-Driven: ISPI was founded upon scientific research principles and the
idea that when something is measured, it can be improved. It allows us to
accurately assess performance gaps, determine the best available solution, and
effectively measure the impact of the solution once implemented.

• Performance-Focused: While behaviors, skills, training, and solutions are
important, they are only part of a truly effective improvement strategy. The
real value of performance improvement lies not in the solution, but in the
resulting performance itself—the accomplishments, achievements, and
outcomes that the right solution can deliver. ISPI’s approach is truly focused on
performance—on creating it, improving it, and sustaining it—all in support of
your unique goals.

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