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This group is for anybody who wants to increase their performance, productivity, & effectiveness so they can maximise their impact and wellbeing. This group is for those who want to be pro-active rather than reactive.

My name is Jayson Moran. I'm the new group organiser, and also a coaching Psychologist (BA,TCD; MA, UCC). I help people increase their impact through increasing their effectiveness, performance & productivity. I do this by helping individuals and organisations better understand themselves, their goals and the practical and psychological barriers effecting performance.

One of of thinking about performance is that equates to a person's potential minus anything that interferes with that potential. Based on this, this group will be about better understanding ourselves i.e. our potential, and understanding the various forms of 'interference' or practical and psychological barriers to us reaching our potential. To this end, this group will host talks, discussions and workshops on topics such as personality, decision making, motivation, procrastination, confidence, performance, stress, anger, happiness, wellbeing and problem solving.

I'm a psychologist - so everything all content will be evidenced based.

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Motivation and You: A Formula for Motivation

Online event

Free 40 minute Lunch & Learn in conjunction with Iconic Offices Here's the link to register https://iconicoffices.ie/events/motivation-you/ What motivates us? Food, Sex, having our basic needs met? Money or a fear of punishment? In this free online talk we will discuss what really gets us going, and what we can do to motivate ourselves when we don’t feel …….well motivated. Motivation has been one of the most researched topics in psychology. Lots of things motivate us, and there are lots of causes of de-motivation. Some of these we know intuitively – some are not so obvious. This talks will use some of the classic and newer findings of psychological science to explore motivation. Then we’ll outline a ‘formula’ for motivation you can use to get to the bottom of why you’re not motivated, as well as a range of strategies you can use to get moving forward. So if you want to know what motivates you and those around you, as well as some simple strategies for increasing motivation – join us! The event is online using Zoom. I'm running this event in conjunction with Iconic Offices - they will email attendees the zoom link on the day - once you have registered for the event with them. YOU WILL NEED TO REGISTER ON THE ICONIC OFFICES EVENT PAGE TO GET THE ZOOM LINK Here's the link to register https://iconicoffices.ie/events/motivation-you/

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