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Go for a Bicycle Ride
Come join the Performance Bicycle Great Ride Series on Saturday mornings. At Performance in Chandler, we have a ride for all abilities. If you’re new to cycling, you can join our Novice group. We have a Ride Leader who will teach you the “ins and outs” of group riding at a pace set by the group. Once you’ve began to master the skills of group riding, you can join our Intermediate Group where the Ride Leader will take you out at a more challenging pace of 16 to 18 miles per hour. Here, you’ll ride from 30 to 35 miles with a group of riders of similar abilities. When you decide you want to go a little faster, you can join our advanced group. This group typically averages over 19 miles per hour and there are often sprints and attacks. The advanced group typically rides about 40 miles. The best thing about the Performance Great Ride Series is we have adopted a “NO RIDER LEFT BEHIND” philosophy. We’ve designed our routes to overlap so our intermediate group often meets up with the advanced group and we all finish together. Come out and join our ride leaders for some fun in the sun. If you have any questions, please call Performance Bicycle at 480-705-9001. We strive to abide by our motto to "ride and have fun."

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