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Join us as we explore our potential to learn, play and work together while practicing and educating one another about Permaculture design and it's applications in Northern Nevada.

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Oxbow Riparian Plant Walk (and Whitetop Cleanup!)

Oxbow Nature Study Area

Hello Plant Friends!

On this free field trip, Nevada Native Plant Society and Northern Nevada Permaculture will be combining forces to learn about and steward some of the prominent riparian plants in our area. While we are unlikely to find anything truly uncommon, it will be a nice botanical introduction to one of our most important habitats of our area. In addition to our typical botany, we will also have a strong focus on the current and historical ethnobotanical uses of many of the plants we will find there. Due to the heavily impacted nature of the Truckee we will also be identifying (and removing!) a number of non-native/invasive plants.

One unique aspect of this particular field trip is that, about halfway through, we will be taking about 15 minutes to help clear out some of the Whitetop / Lepidium sp. that is currently invading portions of the trail and crowding out our natives. While it can easily be hand-pulled, bring gloves or tools if you would like.
Some plant genera we may see include:

(Native) Maianthemum, Asclepias, Ribes, Rosa, Equisetum, Populus, Lemna, Apocynum, Salix, Sambucus, Artemisia, Prunus, Urtica, Achillea
(Non-Native) Elaeagnus, Solanum, Saponaria, Lathyrus, Vinca, Lepidium, Verbascum, Tragopogon, Cichorium, Dipsacus, Rumex, Conium
We will meet at the Oxbow Parking lot at 4:55pm and will depart at 5:10 sharp! The field trip will officially end at 7:00pm but folks are more than welcome to stay afterward to hang out and talk plants. We will be hiking roughly 1-2 miles on established paths with no elevation gain.
Recommended items to bring are: water, proper clothing/footwear, sun hate and/or sunscreen, notebook/pen and gloves/tools (if needed).

Please register either here, on Facebook or by emailing Christopher - [masked]

If there are any additional questions, please reach out the email provided above.

Thank you and hope to see you there!

**NOTE** Dogs are unfortunately not allowed on this walk due to Oxbow official policy. Sorry!

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