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4th week of the Permaculture Design Course @ Regen Gardens

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Price: $1,200.00 /per person

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5 consecutive weekend PDC -ReGen Permaculture, LLC 72 hour Permaculture Design Course -Limit 10 students.

Learn how to turn your land into a food production system, with less work, and nothing bought from the store. You will harvest food from your land while you improve your soil’s fertility! Come learn what it's all about and become a part of the community of people that are improving their quality of life for themselves and their communities.

This 72 hour Permaculture Design Course serves as a foundation for your further permaculture work study and, upon completion, results in your receiving an official, Internationally recognized Permaculture Design Certificate.

To date, thousands of permaculture designers worldwide have been certified through a course based on the same material that is used in this course. They now comprise a global network of educators, ecological activists who influence major corporations, individuals creating new business alternatives and groups of committed people working together to change the way we view and design our landscapes.

This course covers regenerative and resilient living systems for a wide variety of landscapes and climates. It includes the application of permaculture principles to food production, home design, construction, energy conservation and generation, and explores alternative economic structures and legal strategies supporting permaculture solutions.

‘You will receive ‘A Permaculture Designers' Manual’ by Bill Mollison as your text book included in the price of admission.

Weekend One (May 2-4th):
All students will attend the Florida Permaculture Convergence in Lake Wales, FL. Meet permaculturists from all over the state, trade plants and ideas and hear about everybody's projects.

We will meet at our camp and go over Intro to Permaculture. If you cannot camp or make it to this event, we will have a local teacher teach the intro course in Jacksonville. Please inquire.

Weekend Two (May 10-11th)
We meet at the classroom on the Regeneration Gardens Property.
Module one will be Concepts and Methods
Guest Speaker: Helen Roth. Revelations about her garden!
Lunch Movie: “Jean Pain”
Workshop 3pm: Build a compost water heater
Saturday night dinner and a movie: “A Farm for the Future”

Weekend Three (May 17-18th)
We return to the classroom on the Regeneration Gardens Property.
Module two will be Patterns and Climates
Guest Speaker: Bio Char Production!
Lunch Movie: “Powers of 10”
Workshop 3pm: learn the art of cob creation and make a cob oven
Saturday night dinner and a movie: “The Secret Life of Chaos”.

Weekend Four (May 24-25th)
We return to the classroom on the Regeneration Gardens Property.
Module two will be Trees, Water and Soils
Guest Speaker: Karen Robinson. Local Herbal Amazingness
Lunch Movie: “Satoyama”
Workshop 3pm: Install a Hügelkultur fruit tree guild
Saturday night dinner and a movie: “Water is Life”

Weekend Five (May 31-June 1st)
We return to the classroom on the Regeneration Gardens Property.
Module two will be Earthworks, Climate Design and Aquaculture
Guest Speaker: Rick Sheldon. Solar, Veggie Oil and off-grid living!
Lunch Movie: “Earthship Brittany”
Workshop 3pm: Growing fuel. Wood, veggie oil & alcohol production.
Saturday night dinner and a movie: “Ben Law”

*Weekend Six (Optional) (June 7th-8th)
Permablitz! Design and install a complete garden.
that will feed the whole family.


- Build a compost powered water heater

- Working with Cob (Build a cob oven)

- Install a Hügelkultur fruit tree guild

- Growing Fuel. Wood, veggie oil & Alcohol production

The foundation for this course is ‘A Permaculture Designers' Manual’ by Bill Mollison and is distributed to students on the first day. The Manual is included in the cost of the course tuition.

Students are invited to bring details of their own sites or potential sites to consider during the course.

Guest Speakers

We are happy to announce that we will be visited by several guest speakers who can talk about their projects and other permaculture related subjects during the PDC. Let's see what other people around the State and the U.S. are doing with Permaculture techniques to improve the world (and for fun).

About the Instructor

While interning with Earthship Biotechture in the building of Mike Reynold's Global Model Earthship, Alex found the spark that kicked off his passion.

His passion has helped him to build the local Permaculture Jax group into a network of over 700 members. This group has installed over 20,000 square feet of garden space in 100s of permaculture design projects around and just outside of Jacksonville. He has lectured about permaculture to many groups including The Local Extensions Office, The Sierra Club, Jacksonville’s Permaculture Network, The Survival Network, Health & Wellness Groups and more and has been a contributor to the empire.

Alexander Ojeda is a permaculture designer and teacher with formal training in permaculture-based regenerative whole systems design. His training is founded in Bill Mollison’s and Geoff Lawton’s techniques and uses their course materials.

Alex also trains in the use of natural materials to create the necessities of life. From starting fire with sticks to building self-sufficient homes. He has taught countless workshops in Permaculture Elements and Natural Living techniques in the Permaculture Jax Network as well as EarthSkills Gatherings in Florida and Georgia.

Alex has worked as an adjunct professor for 3 years at FSCJ while working in the design industry. His background is design and has been working in this field since 1985.

Alex, also known as Alexander on the site, is collaborating with Paul Wheaton in projects designed to get the concepts of permaculture into the minds of many more people! His most recent project with Paul Wheaton is a deck of Permaculture based playing cards. The Kickstarter is here:

Alex is presently co-consulting with Valerie Hermann and Eli Bajalia in the construction of a Sustainable living-Permaculture Training Centers in Alachua, FL, St. George, GA and Middleburg, FL as well as countless other small projects.

There are several videos produced about our local projects:

Alex’s Front

Alex’s Backyard Part 1

Alex’s Backyard Part 2

Val and Eli’s Permaculture Paradise


A video designed for the developing Children’s Curriculum

Dates and Times

Five Weekend Program (this program runs only on the weekends for five weeks)

9am - 5:30pm Saturday and Sunday (15 minutes break in morning and afternoon, and 30 minutes lunch break). This program runs for a full 5 weekends, dates below. Missing a weekend will require a make-up day in one of our future PDCs (for a daily workshop fee).

May 3rd & 4th: Introduction to Permaculture Concepts, Theory and Principles of Permaculture. Once you understand the basics, your decisions can begin to save you time and money as well as make you time and money.

May 10th & 11th: Saturday, all day, Workshop Party. Come to the First Annual ReGen Workshop Party! We will build a Rocket Mass Heater, Learn Cob Formulation, Hügelkultur, Nitrogen Fixing Plants, Plant varieties that work great in our climate and soil types, Natural Building, Fermented food and drink for health and more.

May 17th & 18th: Methods and Patterns, Climate and Trees

May 24th & 25th: Water, Aquaculture, Soils

May 31st & June 1st: Earthworks and Climate design
and Design Presentations


We will provide a 100% Organic and/or permaculture grown, vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, on-site filtered and then distilled well water, and a pressed juice will be served. (Raw, Vegan and Gluten-free options are always present, but please tell us so we can be sure there’s enough for you.) We will have coffee (and a very nice medicinal coffee substitute) as well as ayurvedic chai and other teas.

**Note: For an additional $10 per day, we can provide some 100% grass-fed (wild, perennial grass, year ‘round, NEVER hay nor grain fed) from a local paddock-shift operation done like Allan Savory or Joel Salatin hamburger beef. This is a farmer that was raised Amish/Mennonite, so nothing is certified as organic, but they don’t allow chemicals on the property.

Our Cook: Debbie Erdmann’s family has been in the restaurant business since she was a child. Debbie truly knows how to put the healthiest food together and make it taste great! Debbie has been a health consultant for 20+ years. Only Organic foods are on property.

After Class movies. Every day after classes, starting at 7PM, we will have a thought provoking documentary playing in the class room.


This class is limited to 10 students, so be paid up and secure your place. All prices are in U.S. dollars. The fee for the course is $1200 and includes meals. A non-refundable (though transferable) $300 deposit is required at the time of booking. The balance of $900 is due 15 days prior to the course start date. Note: full payment before the class start date will receive $100 off of the course fee . Please book in advance so we can create the best course we can with the best guest speakers and materials.

Please Pay with a Check made out to: Alexander Ojeda
Credit Cards can be used via PayPal

Prices in U.S. dollars

$300 (Non-refundable deposit to lock in booking)

$1200 (Normal price, including GST)

$100 discount for helping another student find us and sign up for the class.

•Children are welcome for an additional fee of $200 each. We will have permaculture training on-site for them as well as very healthy foods and drinks.

Please inquire about payment installments. We can handle a few of these and still run the project. We appreciate that you only ask for this if you need it.

NOTE: There are two, skilled, work-trade positions available. For full tuition trade, we need two people to help prepare for the event. Please inquire at [masked]

Please pay for your tuition via Credit Card (via phone), Check or Money Order made out to Alexander Ojeda (mailed to 2210 Ernest St. Jacksonville, FL 32204).

***Accommodation and other Details***

If you would like to spend the night on-site, there’s camping space in Regeneration Gardens, our newest Food Forest Project in the local town of Bryceville, FL. There are primitive amenities; running water, composting toilets and a compost heated shower. It’s 50 yards from the house.

The accompanying farm, Restoration Farms, is a horse restoration operation run by Debbie. Check out her website here:

Debbie restores these damaged and sick horses both physically and mentally. They get physical therapy as well as love and a great diet. This is a non-paid job that is done out of love. Debbie and her horses supply our much needed, healthy manure. The horses are fed only non-treated hay and organic produce. They arrive overweight, with cancer and other chronic diseases and leave looking like show horses!

For further information for this course please contact [masked] or call[masked]