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For Meeting other single Persians, either you are a Persian and want to meet another or You are not a persian but fancy a good friendship with a persian single who comes with a huge culture, traditions, language.

This is a meetup for Dating, Serious and Honest.

برای دیدن و آشنا شدن با فارسی زبان های مجرد. چه خودتون فارسی زبان هستید و می خواید با یه فارسی زبان دیگه آشنا بشید و اگه خدا بخواد وارد رابطه بشید. و چه فارسی زبان نیستید و می خواید یه دوست دختر یا دوست پسری داشته باشید که در رابطه مشترک با فرهنگ و زبان و رسوم ایرانی آشنا بشید

این یه میت آپ برای مجردهای دنبال رابطه هست. جدی و صادقانه

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This is a new meetup, I'm currently collecting members till we arrive somewhere good. It will be nice to get together and meet thou. :D ------ One of the London deli scene’s big cheeses, this would be a great place to spend an entire day. Start with breakfast, whether a relatively dainty boiled egg and soldiers or the ‘South West France Farmhouse Breakfast’ of cured meats and cheese. Then lunch, the fabulous cheeseboard on its wooden slab or superior sandwiches, great charcuterie, or rustic, expertly cooked French classics such as snails or confit duck. All of which ought to see you through to afternoon tea and a slice of lemon tart or Sicilian cheesecake. And if you think you’re up to it, take something home for dinner.

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