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Personal Development, Networking & Transformation is a meetup group for those who want to learn to communicate, evolve and transform their relationships. We are living in a world full of people but we seldom learn anything about what it means to create meaningful connections and relationships that have the power to change our personality into something more meaningful powerful and transformative!
Here in our group, we will engage in this kind of meaningful work with ourselves through theory and practice with the sole purpose to learn the secrets of transformation through communication and relationships with other humans beings (intimate or non-intimate relationships)

We will learn about:

-the true power of networking

-Roles people play

-Different types of interactions

- Transformation of our life through developing confidence in communication

We will engage in practices, exercises, and lectures.

All levels of personal Development are welcome!
We are part of the international community World of Wisdom & Spiritual Adventure (WOW) an organization that connects people together with the purpose of evolution and freeing oneself from suffering and dependencies.
Come and meet us and learn and enjoy!
We are welcoming you in our community and waiting for you with Love
The WOW Team

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TAKE A FRIEND & COME TO THIS TRIP that will Teach you so many things except the blasting experiences of swimming with dolphins and whale watching in their natural inhabitance. Every day we will have experiences and teachings Topics: 1st day - Manifestation Process 2nd day - Self-healing 3rd day - Developing your Personal Power 4th day - Relationships & Karma (this is a big one!) 5th day - Vipassana meditation 6th day - Shamanic tradition So Grab Your Friend who is interested in these things and convince him or her to come together and along with you in this meditation adventure in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that will blast open your life with new possibilities and opportunities to evolve, change, shift, transform..., especially with what is happening today in our world... It's the right time for awakening. * Participation : 850 euro LEARN MORE HERE: www.woworld.org/azores Northern Deer & The WOW team

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Shamanic Ritual - Initiation to 2021

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