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Hi, we would like to invite you to Join us and learn together how we develop and WHO we are..
The way to do it is by sharing with others your experience and by hearing and learning about others personal experience. We learn to walk and talk by looking at others and doing the same so why not to do it when we are adults..
Join us and let's do it together.

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Harmony & Balance

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How can you start observing your inner world as a point from which you can start putting your life in balance? Are you simply looking for the balance between work and private life, or are you more ambitious and want to be at peace with everything in the world around you? If you are disappointed or losing direction, maybe it's time to wake up and stop pitying yourself. There is a world in you. There is light and there is dark. You are the only one who can put them in balance. After realizing this, you will slowly start growing in harmony with other worlds that surround you and you will start seeing things that you used to be afraid of as experiments and lessons so open your world to the new directions and exciting paths. You never know what lies ahead. It's never black and it's never white. It's in between and that is a place on which we will start looking for the balance in all of us. *DISCLAIMER* We would like to inform that the meet up will be recorded for promotional services and each participant can sign a GDPR form stating whether they want to be included in the video or not. The meet up is a safe place for anyone to come and share their opinions and views, nothing personal shall never be published.

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