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What we’re about

What's it like to attend one of our events?

We consistently get 5 STARS for our Meetups. Check out our Past Meetups for more information on the topics we cover. 

Why join us?

If you take your personal development seriously then you've come to the right place! You’re welcome to join us whether you’re just starting to explore your personal development or already trained in personal development tools such as NLP or another discipline. 

The leading personal development community in Belgium

Founded in 2009, we’re the largest, fastest growing and most active personal development community in Belgium. Through a constantly evolving program of webinars and live events we provide you with access to some of the best personal development tools around. You have a choice of attending free taster sessions right up to becoming internationally certified in a range of personal development tools such as NLP, Harrison Assessments, Hypnosis, TimeLine Therapy and much more…

You also get a regular email with FREE Personal Development tips

As the purpose of this group is to bring people with common interests together, sharing and socialising is an integral part of all our Meetups.

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A more personal touch

If attending a webinar or seminar is not for you we also offer a range of individual programs that can be adapted to your specific needs. For example, our Back on Track program is for anyone who finds themselves a bit lost in their life - for example, in the wrong job! So, there’s something here for everyone.

NLP (NeuroLinguistic Programming)

Our foundations are in NLP (we began life as NLP in Brussels) because it forms the bedrock of all the most effective personal development tools around. 

Tony Robbins is probably the most famous and successful NLP Practitioner and, apart from being a best-selling author, is a coach to presidents, film stars, leading sports figures and business people alike. Many other noteworthy and successful people such as Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey have embraced NLP in their lives. It’s often the secret ingredient to achieving lasting happiness and success in both life and work.

However, what we do goes way beyond NLP and we provide opportunities for you to learn about and experience many other personal development tools. You'll be able to learn about the latest findings in Applied Neuroscience, Psychology, Behavioural Economics, Mindfulness, Health & Fitness, Nutrition and much more...

So, please check out our program of events. Some of these are titled "@work" and this is deliberate play on words because life and work and inseparable in today's world. Not only can we apply what we learn at work but we need to know that what we're learning actually works!

Remember, the only way to find out if something really works is to test it out for yourself. We provide you with an opportunity to do just that...

More information...

If you want more information on what we offer this community you can refer to one of our other pages on this Meetup site. You can also watch this short video clip where participants share their feedback on what it's like to attend one of our live events.

It's FREE to join this Meetup community

However, we charge a small fee for our short Meetup seminars. This enables to host them in proper venues and cover costs such as lighting, heating, handouts, flip chart paper, drinks and snacks. 

You're also getting valuable information that would cost you hundreds if not thousands of euros on the open market. 

AND, it's cheaper to register and pay online in advance

We look forward to connecting and chatting with you real soon!

If you have any questions or would like to have a short chat about your personal development please contact Gerry Murray 

(Founder, Personal Development in Brussels)

t. 0476 417 606