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Personal Development in Brussels
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Do you ever get emotionally reactive more often than you would like - finding some people irritate you for almost no reason?
Do you ever get overwhelmed by your emotions and act in ways that you later regret?
Do you ever ignore your feelings as if they were your worst enemy, doing everything and anything to push them away?
Would you like to learn a different way of dealing with situations such as these?

During this workshop we will explore what happens in the physical body when we get reactive or triggered. We will discover that by turning towards bodily sensations new information becomes available - information that can support you to handle challenging situations. We will do this by finding a connection with a larger sense of self that can bring more ease and calm into your life.

This workshop will include experiential exercises to give you a taste of what is known as the felt sense.

The felt sense is a term that was coined by Eugene Gendlin in the 1960s and he went on to develop focusing as a method to access the felt sense. We will be drawing on this method during the workshop.

Proceeds from this event go to the Karen Northshield Fund.

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Your workshop facilitator is Ruth Friedman.

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