What we're about

My name is Phil Campbell and Welcome to the Personal Development of Pinellas Home Page and group site. We are a group of success minded individuals who are highly motivated and goal driven. Above all else, we are committed to personal and professional growth, empowerment and success.

Group Purpose:

The purpose of this group is to work together with dedicated individuals and professionals who are willing to invest in their futures and share their time and experiences for the benefit of all.

Who Should Join?

Encouraged to join are people who set realistic goals and absolutely expect to achieve them without doubt or question.

Invited are those driven to live a better life without limitation.

Sought are those who are willing to pay the price for the success they seek.

Welcome are people from all walks of life both personal and professional.

And needed are members and guests from the entire Tampa Bay area including Pasco, Hillsborough, Manatee and Sarasota Counties as success has no boundaries.

If you are motivated and have highly meaningful goals that you have yet to achieve, then you should definitely join this remarkable group.

Note: This is not meant to be a passive group. It is for those individuals who are serious and highly driven to grow.

During each meeting, members will be encouraged to focus on a specific goal or goals and develop or enhance an existing plan that will move them rapidly toward their achievement. Mental and emotional understanding and training will also be a point of focus as this is vitally important to any great personal development plan.

As a coach, I have found that the ability to improve and achieve is enhanced exponentially when ones piers are an integral part of the process. This is much like a public speaking group where new members are many times inexperienced, nervous and unprepared. But after a couple of less than stellar experiences, they begin to get serious and improve dramatically with the support of others.

As the architect of the “How To, Self Coaching Philosophy”, I can tell you that there is no single plan or guideline for personal success. With the support of myself or others, a perfect guideline is one that you help to develop and embrace. It is a plan that you believe in and pursue ardently. And it is a personal plan for success that you proudly take ownership of.

As group leader, I will set the program format, guide and facilitate the meetings and serve as a group coach. I will also seek the attendance of professionals in their fields of expertise.

Once a member, feel free to use our message boards and social networking sites yet to come and make them a valuable interactive resource. You are also welcome to email your ideas or questions directly to me at any time.

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Enjoy, Learn and Achieve

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