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Let’s be honest, school doesn’t teach us everything. And one of the biggest gaps between a standard education and becoming an adult is financial literacy.

Knowing how to manage your money could be the difference between living like a king - or slaving away and having nothing to show for it.

Don’t leave the direction of your life to chance or blind hope. Take control of your finances and steer your future the way you want it to go.

Join us for a fun learning session where we’ll share with you the latest money management methods. We’ll cover topics like:

Basic investment principals and the secret of Rule of 72
How to not get ripped off on taxes
Tricks to save for your children’s college funds
How to reach your retirement goals
And more!

We’re a community of financial leaders eager to help close the gap on financial literacy. Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to gather valuable financial tactics to add to your personal arsenal!

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